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Highlight classes of elements on a web page that relate to accessibility requirements, including:

  • Landmarks
  • Headings
  • Images
  • Lists
  • Forms

To install the bookmarklets, please visit the Accessibility Bookmarklets website.

Instructions for using the web accessibility bookmarklets:

  • An outlined area (e.g., a heading outline with label 'h2') is referred to as an overlay. It has the same geometry as the element it outlines.
  • Hovering over the label of an overlay (the solid-color rectangle in the top-right corner) will display a tooltip with information on the underlying element's type, label, text content or accessible name.
  • You can move an overlay with mouse drag-and-drop using its label as the drag handle.
  • After moving an overlay, double clicking its label will move the overlay back to its original position.
  • The last overlay that was clicked or moved has the highest z-index of all overlays. Thus if the label of one overlay is partially obscured by the label of another, clicking the partially obscured label will expose the entire label.
  • In some cases, one overlay may completely obscure another, hiding even the label of the other overlay. We plan to address this issue by adding page-level information that indicates how many overlays of each type were found on the page.

Note: A bookmarklet is a JavaScript snippet that can be run within a web browser and that typically performs an action related to the currently loaded web page.


Web Accessibility Bookmarklets:



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