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Minimize to Tray

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Minimize any app to tray



Make sure you have xdotool, xwininfo, xprop, libwnck3 installed on your system.


From Git

git clone
cd ./gnome-shell-minimize-to-tray
yarn install
yarn build
ln -s "$PWD/dist" "$HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/"

From Ego


  • From the extension settings, you can click add button and select any opened window to put them in to tray

  • There are three options for each application.

    • Change active status: You can disable the minimization for specific application
    • Minimize window on start: Whenever a new window opens for the application, it will automatically hide and minimize to tray
    • Keyboard shorcut support: This adds global keybindings to application window visibility. It currently supports <ctrl>, <alt>, <shift> and 0-9, a-z keys. If there are are more than one window for specific application, it will focus to last used window.



  • This extension is written in Typescript and uses webpack to compile it into javascript.

  • Most dependencies have auto completion support thanks to this amazing project by @sammydre

  • To start development, you need nodejs installed on your system;

    • Clone the project

      git clone
      cd ./gnome-shell-minimize-to-tray
    • Install dependencies and build it

      yarn install
      yarn build
    • During development you can use yarn watch command to keep generated code up-to-date.