Numix theme for Sublime Text 3
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Theme - Numix



Using Sublime Package Control

If you are using sublime package control, you can install directly from the Package Control: Install Package menu item.

The theme is listed as Theme - Numix in the packages list.

Enabling the theme

To enable the theme and adjust theme settings edit your Preferences.sublime-settings file:

"theme": "Numix.sublime-theme"
Additional Settings:
// small tabs
"numix_small_tabs": true
"numix_xsmall_tabs": true

// Sidebar padding options
"numix_sidebar_tree_xsmall": true
"numix_sidebar_tree_small": true
"numix_sidebar_tree_medium": true
"numix_sidebar_tree_large": true
"numix_sidebar_tree_xlarge": true
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