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Open Academic Environment (OAE Project)

3akai-ux is the front-end for the Open Academic Environment project.

Build status

Build Status

Installing OAE

Documentation on how to install and configure OAE can be found in the back-end repository.


In order to run the the OAE project on HTTPS we recommend following this tutorial. In a nutshell:

# create the certificate
sudo openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout <SOME_PATH>/nginx-selfsigned.key -out <SOME_PATH>/nginx-selfsigned.crt

Then create a self-signed.conf file next to nginx.conf, uncomment both lines and replace <%= nginxConf.NGINX_SSL_HOME %> with the path you picked above (SOME_PATH):

ssl_certificate     <%= nginxConf.NGINX_SSL_HOME %>;/nginx-selfsigned.crt;
ssl_certificate_key <%= nginxConf.NGINX_SSL_HOME %>;/nginx-selfsigned.key;

Finally, uncomment the following lines in nginx.conf:

# listen   443 ssl default_server;
# include self-signed.conf;

Reload nginx and HTTPS should work now.

Off-line Development

By default 3akai-ux uses the Open Sans font family available from Google's Web Font CDN. When developing locally without a live internet connection, that CDN will be inaccessible. To ensure maximum visual fidelity, those fonts can be installed as system fonts on the local machine. The entire collection can be downloaded from Google.

Widget development

Documentation (WIP) on how to create custom OAE widgets can be found on the Widget Wiki

Functional tests


In order to run the front-end test suite, PhantomJS needs be installed. The instructions on how to install PhantomJS can be found on the PhantomJS download page.


In order to run the front-end test suite, CasperJS, which relies on PhantomJS, needs to be installed. The instructions on how to install CasperJS can be found on the CasperJS download page.

Install NPM dependencies

NPM is the package manager that downloads all the Node.js dependencies on which the 3akai-ux test suite relies. To tell NPM to download all the dependencies, run this command in your 3akai-ux directory:

npm install -d

Running the tests

The front-end test suite can be run using Grunt:

grunt test --qunit-host

Note that Hilary and its dependencies should be installed and running on your system before the tests can be run successfully.

Get in touch

The project website can be found at The project blog will be updated with the latest project news from time to time.

The mailing list used for Apereo OAE is You can subscribe to the mailing list at

Bugs and other issues can be reported in our issue tracker. Ideas for new features and capabilities can be suggested and voted for in our UserVoice page.

Special thanks to

  • BrowserStack for graciously supporting cross-browser testing.
  • Crowdin for providing our internationalisation platform.