Open Academic Environment (OAE) Model Loader
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Open Academic Environment (OAE) Model Loader


  • git clone git://
  • brew install node

Add files

Create the following folders & add image files to

  • ./data/pictures/users
  • ./data/pictures/groups
  • ./data/content

or alternatively download some pre-packaged content, untar it and place the contents in the data directory

 Preparing the environment

  • Ensure that you've disabled reCaptcha for the tenant where you're loading in users. It can be disabled in the admin UI under the Principals module.


  • node generate.js -b number of batches -t tenant alias -u number of users to generate -g number of groups to generate -c number of content items to generate -d number of discussions to generate
  • node loaddata.js -b last batch to load (exclusive) -h http://tenant.url
  • node main.js

Although you're free to choose the batch size, we've found that the following works pretty well:

  • 1000 users
  • 2000 groups
  • 10000 content items
  • 1000 discussions