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OpenArena utility programs/scripts

IMPORTANT: the Hor+ FOV formula in the latest OpenArena engine is bugged. It will break the results of both these scripts. It is recommended to use Yu Engine or an older ioquake3 based engine. Yu Engine has correctly implemented Hor+ FOV and a cvar to automatically readjust the sensitivity depending on FOV. So using Yu Engine will make both these scripts useless as the engine does these calculations internally. You can download Yu Engine from (you have to compile it yourself).

Small scripts that can be useful to do stuff related to OpenArena.

FOV Sensitivity Calculator - fovsenscalc

A script to calculate how much sensitivity and mouse acceleration should change when cg_fov is changed for the mouse to keep the exact same feeling. It should take the same movement to change look direction to a specific point on the screen independent on FOV.

The correct formula for this is tan(newfov / 2) / tan(oldfov / 2) and it is what the script uses.

Hor+ FOV calculator - hor+fovcalc

Newer versions of OpenArena engine will use Hor+ FOV for cg_fov so this script should only be used if playing with older engine. The latest engine-code for OpenArena can be downloaded here: (note that you have to compile it yourself). (it is not recommended to use OpenArena engine until the bugs mentioned above has been fixed)

Convert from Hor+ FOV to Vert- FOV.

Hor+ is where the vertical FOV has the same value as it would have on a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor and the horizontal FOV is changed to fit the monitors aspect ratio.

Vert- is where the vertical FOV is lowered to compensate for higher horizontal FOV. This is what older versions of the OpenArena engine code uses.

See this page for more information.