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An anonymous P2P social network in Clojure
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Nightweb is an app for Android devices and PCs that connects you to an anonymous, peer-to-peer social network. It is written in Clojure and uses I2P and BitTorrent on the backend. Please see the website for a general overview, and the protocol page for a more in-depth explanation of how it works.


  • android The Android project with a native UI
  • common The backend code that is common to all projects
  • desktop The desktop project with a browser-based UI
  • graphics SVG files for all the image resources
  • server The server project with no UI


All files that originate from this project are dedicated to the public domain. That particularly includes the files in android/src/clojure/net/nightweb, desktop/src/nightweb_desktop, and common/clojure/nightweb (the Android, desktop, and backend code respectively). All third-party code in this project remains under their original licenses. I would love pull requests, and will assume that any Clojure contributions are also dedicated to the public domain.