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Paravim is an editor for Clojure that...

  • Runs inside your project as a library, not as a separate application like traditional editors
  • Uses a real copy of Vim, not some kind of emulation
  • Renders its UI with OpenGL, not with a forked web browser

See the website for more info and join the discussion on /r/Paravim.

Getting Started

The easiest way to run it is with the Clojure CLI tool. On Windows or Linux, run this in any directory you want:

clojure -Sdeps "{:deps {paravim/paravim {:mvn/version \""RELEASE\""}}}" -m paravim.start

On Mac OS, you need to add a special flag:

clojure -Sdeps "{:deps {paravim/paravim {:mvn/version \""RELEASE\""}}}" -J-XstartOnFirstThread -m paravim.start

For Leiningen users, see this sample project.clj.

NOTE: On Linux, there have been some UnsatisfiedLinkErrors due to not being present. If you have apt, try apt install libtinfo5. If you use Arch btw, see this issue for a solution.


  • To develop: clj -M:dev native
    • On Mac OS, you'll need to run clj -M:dev:macos native
  • To run the tests: clj -M:test
    • On Mac OS, you'll need to run clj -M:test:macos
  • To install the release version: clj -M:prod install


All files that originate from this project are dedicated to the public domain. I would love pull requests, and will assume that they are also dedicated to the public domain.