A Leiningen plugin for building Clojure/iOS projects
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This project is no longer being actively maintained.


A Leiningen plugin for building native iOS apps in Clojure and Java using the RoboVM bytecode-to-native translator. It is modeled after lein-droid and the commands are similar. The programming is done by using RoboVM's wrapper classes, as shown in the built-in template. Please note that REPL development and any use of eval is not supported.


  1. Get a computer running Mac OS X
  2. Install Xcode
  3. Install JDK 8
  4. Download and extract robovm-1.4.0.tar.gz
  5. Install Leiningen, and create or modify ~/.lein/profiles.clj so it looks like this:
{:user {
    :plugins [[lein-fruit "0.2.3"]]
    :ios {:robovm-path "/absolute/path/to/robovm-1.4.0"}


# Create a new Clojure/iOS project
lein fruit new hello-world
# ...or a new Java/iOS project
lein fruit new-java hello-world
# You may optionally specify a package name
lein fruit new-java hello-world net.sekao.hello_world

# Build an x86 version and run in a simulator
lein fruit doall
# ...which is the same thing as
lein fruit compile && lein fruit run
# Use the iPad simulator
lein fruit doall -devicetype "iPad-Air, 8.1"

# Build an ARM version
lein fruit release
# ..which is the same thing as
lein fruit compile && lein fruit ipa
# Show RoboVM flags (all flags are passed to it)
lein fruit help


All files that originate from this project are dedicated to the public domain. I would love pull requests, and will assume that they are also dedicated to the public domain.