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A ClojureScript Cheatsheet

This project produces the cheatsheet at cljs.info/cheatsheet


You can read about some of the design decisions that went into the cheatsheet here.

Development Setup

First time setup

Install Leiningen, Node.js, and Yarn.

# install node_modules
yarn install

Development workflow

You may wish to run these commands in separate console tabs / screens.

# does two things:
# - compiles LESS into CSS whenever a less/*.less file changes
# - builds public/docs.json whenever a docs/*.cljsdoc file changes
grunt watch

# run a local web server on port 9224
# the port is configurable and defaults to 8888 if not provided
node server.js 9224

# compile ClojureScript files
lein clean && lein cljsbuild auto

# build public/index.html
# NOTE: app.js is generated from "lein cljsbuild auto" above
node app.js

# create a build into the 00-publish directory
grunt build


MIT License