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ClojureScript Logo

A logo for the the ClojureScript language.


ClojureScript is a simple, powerful language and we wanted the logo to reflect this power and simplicity. We also wanted to pay homage to the Clojure logo, while creating a new visual identity.

The logo pays homage to the Clojure logo in shape and color. The logo uses two of the four colors from the Clojure logo. Using two colors makes it easier to integrate the logo with different color palettes and allows for cleaner contrast against different backgrounds. The colors also match the "green on the left" / "blue on the right" split of the original Clojure logo. Finally, the logo is circular in shape with a "break" through the body.

The logo has both a divided and cohesive appearance. Two halfs are created using color and the breaks between the arcs. This split symbolizes the relationship between "Clojure the language" and "JavaScript the platform" that is essentially ClojureScript. For cohesion, the kerning of the "cljs" letters is careful not to reflect this split (see the tail of the "j") so that "cljs" appears as one word. Additionally, the two arcs would form a circle if they continued, so visually your mind "fills the gap" and makes the arcs appear as a single, encompassing circle.

The arcs serve a dual-purpose. People who are familiar with Lisp and understand the unique importance parentheses play in the language will see the arcs as parentheses and notice that the logo is like a function call "applying Clojure to JavaScript". Users unfamiliar with Lisp will see the arcs structurally as a circle that bounds the logo and centers the text. Hopefully those users will learn more about the language and have an "Aha!" moment in the future when they discover the dual-purpose :)

The logo consists of geometric shapes with smooth curves: creating a beautiful, clean, and simple aesthetic. This has the added benefit of being easily rendered by a computer and stored in simple SVG markup that can be rendered on many devices. The file size of the transparent SVG logo is a mere 2,313 bytes, small enough to be embedded in the source code of a program directly.


The logo has three variations:

white clear outline

The white background is good for stickers and for contrast against non-dark backgrounds.

Clear works well against dark backgrounds where the white contrast would be too jarring. Examples: Solar System of JS and

The outline variation omits the text and thickens the arcs slightly. It is mainly used at small scales where the "cljs" letters would become illegible. Example: ClojureScript Cheatsheet


Stickers can be ordered from stickermule using the stickermule-proof.pdf file.


designed by Chris Oakman and Brett Darnell


The CLJS logo is released under a Creative Commons CC0 license.

Essentially, this means you are free to use, share, and modify this logo for any purpose.


ClojureScript logo






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