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Parinfer on the JVM Build Status

A Parinfer implementation written for the JVM in Kotlin.


There are several popular text editors that run on the JVM. Having a fast Parinfer implementation available on the JVM allows Parinfer to reach more editors.

This implementation is a 1-to-1 port of parinfer.js. It strives to be feature equivalent with parinfer as described in the Indent Mode and Paren Mode sections of the main website.

If you find behavior that does not match parinfer.js, please report it as an issue in this project.

The .json files in the tests folder are copied directly from the main Parinfer repo.


Clojars Project

or build/install from source (see Development Setup below).


(ns ...
  (:import [com.oakmac.parinfer Parinfer]))

(Parinfer/parenMode text x line nil false)
(Parinfer/indentMode text x line nil preview-cursor-scope?)

Alternatively see cross-parinfer which wraps this project and provides a Clojure/ClojureScript interface.

Development Setup

# run a gradle build and install the artifact in your local repo
# NOTE: this step may take a while
./gradlew install

The resulting jar file will be under build/lib

# run the tests
./gradlew clean clojureTest

To run the performance benchmarks, comment out the following block in build.gradle:

sourceSets.test.clojure {
  excludeNamespace 'parinfer-test.performance'

Then run the tests as above. There is probably a better way to do this, but it's way beyond my Gradle-fu. PR welcome!


ISC License