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	- Added to engines
	- Removed* from TODO list as this was already being parsed
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oalders committed Jul 23, 2009
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@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ Revision history for Perl module URI::ParseSearchString::More
- Added to engines
- Added to engines
- Now requires Data::Dump rather than Data::Dumper
+ - Added to engines
+ - Removed* from TODO list as this was already being parsed
0.11 2009-07-09
- Wrapped $mech->get in an eval in order to get by the following cryptic
@@ -15,12 +15,14 @@ use URI::Heuristic qw(uf_uristr);
use WWW::Mechanize::Cached;
my %search_regex = (
+ answers => qr{(.*) - Yahoo! Answers},
aol => qr/AOL Search results for "(.*)"/,
as => qr{(?:WeatherStudio|Starware) (.*) Search Results},
dogpile => qr{(.*) - Dogpile Web Search},
my %url_regex = (
+ answers => qr{},
aol => qr{|aolcom)/search\?encquery=},
as => qr{as.\\?x=},
dogpile => qr{http://www.dogpile},
@@ -540,45 +542,17 @@ provide you with a valid search term. Then again, it may not. Caveat emptor.
=head1 TO DO
-Here is a list of some of the engines currently not covered by
-L<URI::ParseSearchString> that may be added to this module:
+I've pretty much added all of the search engines I care about. If you'd like
+something added, please get in touch.
=head1 NOTES
-Despite its low version number, this module actually works. It is,
-however, still very young and the interface is subject to some change.
+Despite its low version number, this module is now stable.
-On some systems, this module dies with the following message when caching is
-Can't store CODE items at blib/lib/ (autosplit into blib/lib/auto/Storable/ line 339
-For this reason, caching is disabled by default as of version 0.08 If caching
-does not fail on your system, I encourage you to enable it. It seems to me
-that this error is not caused by any problem with this module, but I haven't
-really spent too much time looking into it as I can't replicate it on my
-development machine. Leaving it enabled by default would cause a lot of
-failing tests and switching it off only for tests would mean a lot of passing
-tests but failing real world use.
-See the documentation it t/005_parse_more.t for information on how to run the
-parsing tests with caching enabled.
-NOTE: As of 0.11 the $mech->get call is wrapped in an eval. This gets past the
-die problems, even though I still have no idea what the root cause actually is.
-So, if you have WWW::Mechanize::Cached installed, you should be able to use the
-caching option at this point.
-The actual problem may have to do with the following unresolved ticket for
+As of 0.12 WWW::Mechanize::Cached 1.33 is required. This solves the errors
+which were being thrown by Storable.
=head1 BUGS
@@ -4094,4 +4094,12 @@
url =
terms = myspace headline
+ url =;_ylt=Al7fJtDUTm2S69bM0VvjPDIjzKIX?qid=20061214165004AADtB1I
+ terms = How can I track the IP address of visitors to my personal site?
+ url =
+ terms = vile richard

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