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Rudr documentation

Install Rudr

Install the Rudr runtime and its dependencies.


Welcome to Rudr - the Kubernetes implementation of the Open Application Model specification. Below is documentation about the main application model constructs: components (and their workloads), traits, and application configurations.

Component Schematic

component schematic comic As a developer, define the functional units that may be instantiated as part of a larger distributed application and their respective workloads. Learn about component schematics here.


trait schematic comic As an application operator, attach operational features to component workloads of your application. Learn more about traits here.

Application Configuration

app config schematic comic As an application operator, define how your overall application will be instantiated and configured. Learn about application configurations here.


As an application operator, define application boundaries by grouping components with common properties and dependencies.


Lets put everything together and deploy, inspect, and update a Rudr application.


Create Component from Scratch

Build a component from source code to use for testing.

Using Helm/Kustomize to manage OAM yamls

Using Helm/Kustomize tools to manage OAM yamls, you will find how they could cooperate with each other.

Migrate existing Kubernetes resources

Tips and best practices for setting up existing Kubernetes applications to use Rudr.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about Rudr and the Open Application Model (OAM).

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