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Audiolet is a JavaScript library for real-time audio synthesis and composition from within the browser. It uses graph-based routing and pattern-based scheduling to make complex audio simple to program, and easy to understand.


  • Simple graph based audio routing API
  • Expanding selection of generators and effects
  • Sample-accurate scheduling
  • Processing group (sub-patch/sub-graph/synth) support
  • Pattern based algorithmic composition
  • Feedback routing
  • Support for microtonal and non-western tunings and scales

What does it look like?

How about a simple example? The following code will play a 440hz sine wave through both speakers.

Hello sine

var audiolet = new Audiolet();
var sine = new Sine(audiolet, 440);

Easy huh?

Sounds great!

Glad you think so! Check out the wiki for instructions on how to get started with Audiolet.

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