Open Archive Network Deamon. A distributed database.
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This is a small research project about a distibuted nosql database/filesystem.


    # The OAN deamon
    server-name = this-is-a-server-name
    server-domain-name =
    server-port = 4000
    bff-name = LeetServer
    bff-domain-name =
    bff-port =  1337

    # The OAN fuse client
    server-name = this-is-a-server-name
    server-domain-name =
    server-port = 4000

/etc/init.d/oand start

This will start the daemon, and expose a RESTful interface on the server-domain- name and server-port defined in the config file. You can now access the RESTful api on the following links


Will return a list will all folders and files in the root directory.


Will return the contents of the file "a-file.txt" that exists in "a-folder".


  • Python 2.x or later
  • ??Twisted core


  • ??Epydoc (for building API documentation)


Ubuntu 10.10

    sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
    sudo easy_install apscheduler
    mkdir /usr/local/oand
    cd /usr/local/oand
    git clone git://
    cd src
    ./oand start

How to run all tests

All unit tests can be found in oand/src/tests. These tests can either be executed separately, or all at the same time.

To run all tests

$ cd oand/src
$ . test.env
$ ./tools/

To execute them separatley

$ cd oand/src
$ . test.env
$ ./tests/

License information

Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Amivono AB, Sweden See AUTHORS for all authors and contact information.

License: None at the moment ; see COPYING

Hur funkar det.

  • Varje node har en lista med alla andra noder, (node_id, ip, port, last_heartbeat) både som är online och offline.

  • Offline noder plockas bort ifrån listan efter X dagar.

  • Om last_heartbeat är mellan 5-10 minuter, görs ett ping request till varje node.

  • Om senaste lyckade heartbeaten är gjord för längre än 10 minuter sedan, gör en ny connection.

  • Vid en connection anropas BFF (eller annat känt ip) och efterfrågar lista med alla aktiva noder i nätet.

API Documentation

This describes the resources that make up the official OAN API v1. If you have any problems or requests please contact us through github


All API access is over HTTPS, and accessed from the domain name and port specified in oand.cfg. All data is sent and received as JSON

Blank fields are included as null instead of being omitted

    $ curl -i https://localhost:8082

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Type: application/json
    Status: 200 OK
    X-RateLimit-Limit: 5000
    X-RateLimit-Remaining: 4999
    Content-Length: 2


All timestamps are returned in ISO 8601 format:


This API is based on the same RESTful standard as (github v3)

curl -X POST -d 'json={"port": "1338", "last_heartbeat": "2011-09-17T11:37:32Z", "name": "dali-book", "domain_name": "localhost"}' http://localhost:1337/heartbeat


Node-1:/movie/aliens.avi Node-2:/movie/aliens.avi Node-2:/music/danzig.mp3 Node-3:/src/

mount.oand /mnt/oand ls /mnt/oand movie music src

ls /mnt/oand/movie aliens.avi


files = [File(), File()]

list_files(path) get_file(path, name) put_file(path, name, data)

get_filelist() send_filelist()


path = /movie/ name = NULL nodes = ['node-1', 'node-2', 'node-3'] data = NULL


path = /movie/ name = aliens.avi nodes = ['node-1', 'node-2'] data = NULL

class data_store_manager resources = Resources()

def exist(path):

def get(path):

class Resources: list{'/movies/'} = folder list{'/movies/aliens.avi'} = file list{'/movies/comedy/'} = folder list{'/movies/action/'} = folder('andra filmer') list{'/movies/action/'} = File('RAMBO.AVI')

def exist(path):
    if path in self.list:
        return true
        return false

    resource = self.list['path']
    if is_instance(resource, file):
        return resource.value
    elif is_instance(resource, folder):
        return resource.list

class Folder(): list = ['comedy/', 'action/', 'aliens.avi']

class File(): path = '/movies/' name = 'aliens.avi' value = 'This is the contents of the file.'

class Resource path = '/movies/'

resources = {'action/' = Resource('action/'), 'comedy/', Resource('comedy/')}
files = {'aliens.avi' = File('aliens.avi')}

def __init__(self, path, last_changed):

def exist(path):

def get(path):

folders['/'] = Resource() folders['/movie'] = Resource() folders['/movie/action'] = Resource()


path = '/movie/' folder = ['/action', '/comedy'] (Resource()) file= ['aliens.avi'] (File())


path = /movie/ name = aliens.avi nodes = ['node-1', 'node-2'] data = NULL