A simple candle average price calculator in common lisp
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This is a common lisp implementation of average price calculator for the past X days. The average being used is the average of high mid and low mid. The implementation relies on OANDA API for rates.


  • Compiler used is SBCL.
  • JSON parsing is done in cl-json.
  • HTTP requests are made with drakma.


  • The implementation was done on SBCL, its home page has information on how to install.
  • You can get quicklisp to manage the dependencies for you. The two packages you need are "cl-json" and "drakma".
  * (quicklisp-quickstart:install)
  * (ql:quickload "cl-json")
  * (ql:quickload "drakma")
  * (ql:add-to-init-file)


$ sbcl --load avgcalc.lisp
* (get-average-price :pair "EUR_USD" :days 10)