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The super small and simple nginx microservice/api maker!
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The super small and simple nginx microservice/api maker!

Ever wanted a quick webhook or a small API without writing an entire server?
Introducing Neh, a simple program executor for nginx.

With Neh you can:

  • Hook up a nginx location directive to any program or script
  • Receive the headers as env variables
  • Receive the request body as stdin
  • Write headers through file descriptor #3
  • Send commands like END_REQUEST to Neh on file descriptor #4
  • Do just about anything you want for an endpoint, really fast!

And all of that with just two lines in your config!

Check out my blog post for more information!

Keep in mind that Neh is in alpha and should not be run in production

Getting started

Make sure your location directive of choice looks like this:

location /hooks/test {
   set $execute_file /home/user/; # The path to the script you want to execute
   content_by_lua_file /usr/lib/neh/neh.lua; # The path to Neh

Then create the script file:

cat <<EOF > ./
echo Hello world!
chmod +x ./

Quickly reload your nginx config and checking if its correct sudo nginx -t && sudo systemctl reload nginx Now if you go to you will see: Hello world!.
Congratz! You just set up your first Neh!

Just make sure that www-data or whatever user is running your nginx instance can access the script!


You can install it through this simple oneliner:

curl | sh

You can also inspect the install file if you want to.

More examples

Here are some more examples of what you can do with Neh.

GitHub webhook

I wrote an elaborate blog post with a nice example too with GitHub hooks, so check it out there!

Bluring an image

With the following script, Neh transform a sent image into a blurred one. (Given you have ImageMagick installed on your system)

convert - -blur 0x10 - # Convert data from stdin, blur and write to stdout

You can post the file as following:

curl --data-binary @./image.jpg -o ./blurred.jpg

Returning random bits or a hash

With the following script, Neh get's some random bits and returns them as a response

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1K count=1 2>/dev/null

Or if you want a random (md5) hash:

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1K count=1 2>/dev/null | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f1

Return a webpage rendered by Ruby

headers_fd = IO.sysopen('/proc/self/fd/3', 'w')
headers =

headers << "Content-Type: text/html\n"

print '<h1>Hello world</h1>'
print '<p>This is a webpage</p>'

Quickly save some data with Python

#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys

with open("/tmp/file.txt", "a") as file:
    for line in sys.stdin:

You can then write to the endpoint using the following curl:

curl -sL --data-binary '{"hello": "world"}'

Do you have some cool implementations? Please share them with me by sending me a friendly message!


For debugging you can tail your nginx error.log usually found at /var/log/nginx/error.log. If you want to debug /usr/lib/neh/neh.lua use the included print version and/or take a look at the openresty docs.


I had some trouble installing it on some of my servers because of an error relating to posix.ctype. It has to do with some libraries not linking properly on some distros. Apply the solution here.


Feel free to open a pull request or an issue if you want! If this gets out of hand I'll setup some structure using GitHub.


  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Unit testing to guarantee quality
  • Actual testing from developers/users for feedback
  • Friendly error messages in logs and in responses
  • Production guarantees

I could use all the help you can throw at me, so if you can help with the above let me know!


See the LICENSE for more details.

Sheep by MHD AZMI DWIPRANATA from the Noun Project

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