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Current teams (as of 10/25/2012).

Github Teams Members Repositories
"Owners" (Admins) Zi, Elmer, Avner, Eric All
BaseQA Zi, Elmer, Avner baseqa
CSE-core Zi, Elmer, Avner, er1k cse-framework, uima-ecd
CSE-gui Avner, Tom, Kartik cse-gui
Bio Yan, Tom, Collin, Alkesh, Jack, Zi bioqa
BioIE Zi, Avner, Elmer bioie
Corpus Annotation Zi, er1k corpus-annotation
METAL er1k, Di, Leo basema
Providers Alkesh, Elmer, Avner *providers
Resource Wrappers Tom, Collin, Jack *wrappers
Algorithms Zi, Rui, Jack, Tom, Collin algorithms

Bold = Repo admin

Team Structure

A developer can belong to any number of teams. Each team corresponds to one repository e.g. BioQA team, Algorithm team. Each team has one admin who is in charge of code quality (and documentation), branch maintenance, and major releases for that team. Specifically, they are responsible for all merges/commits on the master or development branches.