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Wiki Structure


This wiki is for the entire project, and thus should not contain repository-specific details. It contains general software engineering artifacts: meeting notes, team directories, developer personal pages, and other administrivia. Repository-specific code should go into that repository's wiki (better yet, it should go in the documentation too).

Developer Personal Pages

These should contain an audit trail of a developer's work. Similarly, this can also be used as a development journal.

TRAC Archive

A number of pages from the old TRAC system have been moved over and kept as an archive. They have undergone minimal transformation to GitHub-Markdown, but the content should be intact.

Organization and Directories

At this time (10/24/2012), GitHub does not support using directories to organize the structure of a wiki. This also means that we cannot impose a directory hierarchy on our pages. For example, we would like to have a folder called MeetingNotes where we can place the pages for the weekly meeting minutes, and subsequently access them like MeetingNotes/20121024. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Since we can't have directories, we're going to use artificial directories. When creating a new page, use a directory structure/hierarchy like you normally would, but replace all / with _. We will only use underscore's as directory separators. Please try to keep this artificial directory structure only one or two levels deep for ease of reading. So, to reuse the above example, the desired directory + page solution MeetingNotes/20121024 becomes the one page solution MeetingNotes_20121024.

Additionally, please CamelCase for all directory and page names for ease of reading.