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Colmet - Collecting metrics about jobs running in a distributed environnement


Colmet is a monitoring tool to collect metrics about jobs running in a distributed environnement, especially for gathering metrics on clusters and grids. It provides currently several backends :

  • taskstats: fetch task metrics from the linux kernel
  • stdout: display the metrics on the terminal
  • zeromq: transport the metrics across the network
  • hdf5: store the metrics on the filesystem



  • a Linux kernel that supports
    • Taskstats
  • Python Version 2.7 or newer
    • python-zmq 2.2.0 or newer
    • python-tables 3.3.0 or newer
    • python-pyinotify 0.9.3-2 or newer


You can install, upgrade, uninstall colmet with these commands:

$ pip install [--user] colmet
$ pip install [--user] --upgrade colmet
$ pip uninstall colmet

Or from git (last development version):

$ pip install [--user] git+

Or if you already pulled the sources:

$ pip install [--user] path/to/sources

Or if you don't have pip:

$ easy_install colmet


for the nodes :

sudo colmet-node -vvv --zeromq-uri tcp://

for the collector :

colmet-collector -vvv --zeromq-bind-uri tcp:// --hdf5-filepath /data/colmet.hdf5 --hdf5-complevel 9

You will see the number of counters retrieved in the debug log.

For more information, please refer to the help of theses scripts (--help)


This product is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version2. Please read through the file LICENSE for more information about our license.