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This page is used to keep track of features done and planned for each BugLog version.

Note: Items marked as TBD are features being considered for next release, but might or might not be included.

BugLog v2.0 (planning)

  • Refactor Rules system to separate "Triggers" from "Actions". A rule would then be the combination of Trigger+Action
  • Replace native cfchart with Javascript/CSS-based solution
  • More flexibility for selecting date range for search (begin/end dates, rather than just 'last X days/hours')
  • Be cluster/cloud friendly
  • TBD: Implement a full REST API (based on mobile/proxy.cfm)
  • TBD: Option to store configuration in DB instead of filesystem
  • TBD: Custom dashboards
  • TBD: Tagging of bug reports
  • TBD: Archiving of bug reports (status field?)
  • TBD: Tracking of template names and line numbers causing the error (option to link to SCM?)
  • TBD: Decouple Queue implementation from asynch listener. This would allow to have multiple queue types (in-memory, shared db, redis, sqs, mq, etc)

BugLog v1.8 (released)

  • CRUD screens to manage Severities, Hosts, and Applications
  • User isolation by application
  • Remote listeners
  • Checkpoint tracking
  • JSON listener
  • ANT build script
  • CFM client customizations

BugLog v1.7 (released)

  • Dashboard
  • Keep a persistent record of when rules fire
  • Update css/js framework to use Twitter Bootstrap

BugLog v1.6 (released)

  • Added support for "Named Instances"
  • Allow BugLog to be deployed at web-root level (no /bugLog folder!)
  • Other fixes/updates: Upgraded internal "Core" framework, Adobe ColdFusion10 compatibility, updates to mobile app

BugLog v1.5 (released)

  • This is the initial version tracked in github
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