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Call for Patent Disclosure

Each project repository must include the following Call for Patent Disclosure by participants in its file:

OASIS requests that any participant contact the OASIS TC Administrator if it is aware of a claim of ownership of any patent claims that would necessarily be infringed by implementations of an OASIS Project Specification; and that any such claimant provide an indication of its willingness to grant a Specification Nonassertion Covenant with respect to such patent claims, or otherwise to negotiate patent licenses free of charge with other parties on a nondiscriminatory basis on reasonable terms and conditions.

OASIS may include such claims on its website, but disclaims any obligation to do so. OASIS takes no position regarding the validity or scope of any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use of the technology described in an OASIS Project Specification, or the extent to which any license under such rights might or might not be available; neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights.