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Each repository in an OASIS Open Project must have a declared license, selected from the list of supported Open Project licenses. The license will apply to all contributions made to the repository, and to all releases issued from that repository. Anyone may offer comments to any project repository on the terms of the license. Anyone will be entitled to make use of the contents of a Project Repository, according to the terms of its license.

The applicable license must be posted clearly in the project repository, in the file, and conspicuously visible in the project's contribution channels (for potential submitters of material) and its home resource pages (for potential readers and users).

The project's PGB is responsible for selecting a license for each repository from the following options:

(a) Implementer-Class Licenses: Apache License v2.0; Eclipse Public License v1.0; Eclipse Public License 2.0; BSD-3-Clause License; CC-BY 2.0; CC-BY 4.0; MIT License.

(b) Other available licenses: CC-0

OASIS periodically reviews other widely-used free and open source licenses. If your project would like to use a license which is not currently supported, please contact the OASIS Open Project Administrator to kick off a license review.