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Known TOSCA Implementations

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The Following is a list of known TOSCA implementations that have been brought to the attention of the OASIS TOSCA Technical Committee. The TOSCA TC in no way endorses these implementations nor does it make any statement as to the suitability, quality, availability or level of conformance to the TOSCA Specification or Test Cases. This list is provided as a convenience for OASIS TC Members and parties interested in the adoption of TOSCA.

Feel free to edit the list. Please keep the list in alphabetical order and conform to the style!

Topology, Type, and LCM Design (supports Yorc and Cloudify)

Automates the deployment and management of telco networks on AWS.

The AriaTosca project retired on 2018-07-01

Multi-cloud orchestration, e.g. Amazon, Azure, VMware, OpenStack

The CELAR project is an initiative specifically focused on multi-cloud elasticity provisioning

NSO provides a robust bridge linking network automation and orchestration tools with the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure

Application Lifecycle Orchestration and Management (TOSCA-inspired dialect)

CPLANE's Orchestration Platform automates deployment, monitoring, failure recovery, and evolution of distributed hybrid cloud

Model-driven continuous architecting for BigData deployment

Eclipse Winery is a web-based environment to graphically model TOSCA topologies and plans managing these topologies

An application fabric that flexibly connects processes to people, capabilities and data sources to enable dynamically composable enterprises

The INDIGO PaaS Orchestrator is a component of the PaaS layer that allows to instantiate resources on Cloud Management Frameworks (like OpenStack, OpenNebula, AWS, GCE, Azure, etc.), Mesos and Kubernetes clusters.

Infrastructure Manager (IM) is a tool that deploys complex and customized virtual infrastructures on IaaS Cloud deployments (such as AWS, OpenStack, etc.).

Easily consume, transform, and federate any data or modeling language (YANG, YAML, JSON, and TOSCA), into JSON Schema for easily managing data for automations

A distributed orchestrator for services that speaks TOSCA. Khutulun is a straightforward, flexible alternative to Kubernetes, Nomad, etc.

Designed to support more complex scaling rules and advanced security features. MiCADOscale is an open-source Dev-Ops framework to automatically deploy, scale, manage and monitor containerized microservices orchestrated by Kubernetes.

Cloudify plugin, and DSL definition, to orchestrate and mange applications in HPC environments

Convert OpenAPI or Swagger specification files to one or more TOSCA Profiles.

ONAP is a comprehensive platform for orchestration, management, and automation of network and edge computing services for network operators, cloud providers, and enterprises

Open Baton is a ETSI NFV compliant Management and Orchestration (MANO) Framework

OpenStack is a set of software components that provide common services for cloud infrastructure

Portal with runtime, repository, and other features mostly based on 2013 XML-based TOSCA standard Cloud Applications

Opera aims to be a lightweight orchestrator compliant with OASIS TOSCA

OPNFV reduces time to integrate and deploy NFV infrastructure and onboard VNF/CNFs for those who supply components and those who operationalize these platforms

General-purpose stateless TOSCA parser and compiler

Serverless and FaaS Research Project with TOSCA as a centerstage IaC format

Open, Multi-Cloud Management

Research Project over software-defined, high-performance, cloud infrastructures featuring TOSCA

A TOSCA-based orchestrator of multi-cloud resources

The following big picture comes from the TOSCA Implementation Landscape project.

TOSCA Implementation Landscape

Allows for syntax and type checking of TOSCA service templates and generates UML and other diagrams from a TOSCA template.

Open-source framework for deploying and managing TOSCA applications with Docker

A set of tools aimed to help you working with TOSCA.

Orchestrate and compose Kubernetes workloads using TOSCA (based on Puccini)

Pure TOSCA-based orchestrator for cloud applications and NFV

A command line TOSCA orchestrator that enables you to use Git to manage your Ansible and Terraform deployment infrastructure.

Convert YANG modules to TOSCA type definitions.

Yorc is a hybrid cloud/HPC TOSCA orchestrator