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Measures Vocabulary

Namespace: Org.OData.Measures.V1

Terms describing monetary amounts and measured quantities


Term Type Description
ISOCurrency String The currency for this monetary amount as an ISO 4217 currency code
Scale Byte The number of significant decimal places in the scale part (less than or equal to the number declared in the Scale facet)
Unit String The unit of measure for this measured quantity, e.g. cm for centimeters or % for percentages
DurationGranularity DurationGranularityType The minimum granularity of duration values.

Absence of this annotation means a granularity of seconds with sub-seconds according to the Precision facet.


Type: String

Allowed Value Description
days Duration in days, e.g. P1D
hours Duration in days and hours, e.g. P1DT23H
minutes Duration in days, hours, and minutes, e.g. P1DT23H59M
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