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oasis-avatar An OASIS Work Product Repository oasis-avatar

Members of the OASIS Open Command and Control (OpenC2) Technical Committee use this GitHub repository as part of the TC's chartered work. Contributors must be Members of the TC. Work is governed by the OASIS policies and is not done under typical open source licensing. For more details, see the Contributions and Licensing sections below.

📘 Open Command and Control (OpenC2) Language Specification 📘

This repository supports the OpenC2 TC's work to define the elements of Open Command and Control (OpenC2) language and the mechanisms for extending it.

🔀 Repository Organization 🔀


OpenC2 work product repositories are organized a bit differently than typical open source software project repositories:

  • The Published (default) branch represents the current, stable, approved version of the work product. If the product hasn't progressed past an OASIS Committee Specification Draft (CSD), this branch is essentially empty
  • The Working branch is where all work-in-progress content is captured, and is the place to go for the current working version of this work product

More information about the TC's repository organizing conventions and branching strategy can be found in our Documentation Norms.

🗨️ Description 🗨️

Cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated, less expensive to execute, dynamic and automated. The provision of cyber defense via statically configured products operating in isolation is untenable. Standardized interfaces, protocols and data models will facilitate the integration of the functional blocks within a system and between systems.

Open Command and Control (OpenC2) is a concise and extensible language to enable machine-to-machine communications for purposes of command and control of cyber defense components, subsystems and/or systems in a manner that is agnostic of the underlying products, technologies, transport mechanisms or other aspects of the implementation. It should be understood that a language such as OpenC2 is necessary but insufficient to enable coordinated cyber responses that occur within cyber relevant time. Other aspects of coordinated cyber response such as sensing, analytics, and selecting appropriate courses of action are beyond the scope of OpenC2.

✍️ Contributions ✍️

As stated in this repository's CONTRIBUTING file, contributors to this repository must be Members of the OASIS OpenC2 TC for any substantive contributions or change requests. Anyone wishing to contribute to this GitHub project and participate in the TC's technical activity is invited to join as an OASIS TC Member. Public feedback is also accepted, subject to the terms of the OASIS Feedback License.

📜 Licensing 📜

Please see the LICENSE file for description of the license terms and OASIS policies applicable to the TC's work in this GitHub project. Content in this repository is intended to be part of the OpenC2 TC's permanent record of activity, visible and freely available for all to use, subject to applicable OASIS policies, as presented in the repository LICENSE.

📩 Contact 📩

Please send questions or comments about OASIS TC GitHub repositories to the OASIS TC Administrator. For questions about content in this repository, please contact the TC Chair or Co-Chairs as listed on the the OpenC2 TC's home page.


OASIS OpenC2 TC: GitHub repository used to propose and track changes to the OpenC2 Language Specification as new working draft level revisions are created and the associated CSDs mature







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