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  1. Editors' report
  2. Approval of changes
    1. PR #114, an addition to the Guiding Principles to state that duplicate representations of the same information are allowed as long as they are consistent.
    2. Issue #10: "Do we want an array of computed fingerprints on result?"
    3. Issue #15: "Document how converters should provide notifications"
    4. Issue #23: "Clarify requirement for format of URI-valued properties for nested files"
    5. Issue #29: "Document rule.configuration"
    6. Issue #63: "Clarify that the keys in the run.files dictionary must be distinct when normalized"
    7. Issue #64: "run.files keys can collide if specified by relative URLs"
    8. Issue #76: "Clarify encoding requirements for properties that contain text from source files"
    9. Issue #84: "Enable localization for all message strings"
    10. Issue #97: "file object's contents property"
    11. Opportunistic change: redefinition of invocation.responseFiles property
    12. Opportunitic change: improvement to definition of replacement object
    13. Issue #102: "run.invocation should be an array of invocation objects"
    14. Issue #110: "Specify how to treat a file that contains interleaved stdout/stderr"
    15. Issue #115: "invocation object should record process outcome"
  3. Discussions
    1. Review codeflow/graphs proposal
    2. Review rank/metrics/etc. proposal by Nick Mansourov
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