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Deoxys-II-256-128 MRAE primitives for Rust
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deoxysii-rust - Deoxys-II-256-128 for Rust


This crate provides a Rust implementation of Deoxys-II-256-128 v1.43.

The implementation uses Intel SIMD intrinsics (SSSE3 and AES-NI) for speed and will therefore only run on relatively modern x86-64 processors.

The nightly version of Rust is required to build this crate.

To build everything, run tests and benchmarks, simply run make.

If you have the RUSTFLAGS environment variable set, it will override Rust flags set in the repository's .cargo/config, so make sure you also add -C target-feature=+aes,+ssse3 to your custom flags or the code will fail to build.

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