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A humane blockchain programming framework.
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A collection of crates for interacting with a WASI/Wasm Blockchain platform. You can find more information in the developer documentation.

Crates for Blockchain Service Developers

  • oasis - A framework for conveniently developing blockchain services.
  • oasis-test - A testing framework for testing services built using Oasis.
  • oasis-build - A compiler plugin that adds boilerplate code and generates RPC schemas from Rust types.

Crates for Oasis Developers

  • oasis-macros - Proc macros used by oasis.
  • oasis-types - Types common to packages in the Oasis framework.
  • memchain - An in-memory blockchain simulator used for testing

Crates for Blockchain Developers

  • bcfs - A blockchain filesystem for use in a Blockchain WASI runtime
  • blockchain-traits - Traits and types that describe a generic programmable blockchain.
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