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This section describes the features and goals of the oasp4j-ide. In general we provide a simple but powerful solution to simplify the installation, configuration and maintenance of your IDE. We focus on Java projects using Eclipse. If that fits your requirements so far here are the features we can offer for you:

  • Efficient
    Setup your IDE within minutes tailored for the requirements of your project.

  • Automated
    Automate the setup and update, avoid manual steps and mistakes.

  • Simple
    KISS (Keep It Small and Simple), no deep integration that breaks with every release. Instead use ZIP-files, templates and simple shell scripts.

  • Configurable
    We provide configuration templates for the different tools. The technical lead of the project can customize these templates to the project needs.

  • Maintainable
    The configuration templates are committed to your version-control-system (VCS) (whatever it may be). Developers get the updates from VCS and click a single script to update the settings in all workspaces.

  • Customizable
    You need an additional tool that we never heard of? Put it in the software folder of the software-package. If it contains a bin folder this is automatically added the PATH variable when you open a console from oasp4j-ide.
    Further you can define user-specific settings in variables-customized (see script-package) and project specific settings in ide-properties (within your VCS settings).

  • Multi-tenancy
    Have as many instances of the oasp4j-ide "installed" on your machine for different projects with different tools, tool versions and configurations. No physical installation and no tweaking of your operating system. "Installations" of oasp4j-ide do not interfere with each other nor with other installed software.

  • Multiple Workspaces
    Support working with different workspaces on different branches. Create and update new workspaces with few clicks. See the workspace name in the title-bar of your IDE so you do not get confused and work on the right branch.

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