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CuTest integration for Apache module development.
CuTest is an Unit Testing Framework for C. CuTest WEB site
The purpose of mod_cutest is to be able to treat actual Apache data structures (e.g. request_rec) in CuTest unit test.

Rough program for running test is below.

  1. write test code for your module.
  2. compile your module, and install it to your module directory(apxs -q libexecdir).
  3. access http://localhost/cutest?dl_path=/path/to/ for running test, and you can see result of test on your browser.


$ git clone
$ cd mod_cutest
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Files which will be installed is below.

libexecdir=`apxs -q libexecdir`
includedir=`apxs -q includedir`
bindir=`apxs -q bindir`
# ${libexecdir}/
# ${libexecdir}/
# ${includedir}/ModCuTest.h
# ${bindir}/modcutest-config


Here is a more detailed example.
We will work through a simple test first exercise.

write test code

The goal is to create an Apache module which including a function that converts a null-terminated string to all upper case. First, lets create apache module skelton named modcutest_example.

$ apxs -g -n modcutest_example
$ cd modcutest_example

Add include directive to mod_modcutest_example.c.

#include "ModCuTest.h"

Next, add functions below to your source code. contents:

char* StrToUpper(char* str) {
    return str;

/* the second argument is an instance of request_rec. */
void TestStrToUpper(CuTest *tc, request_rec *r) {
    char* input = strdup("hello world");
    char* actual = StrToUpper(input);
    char* expected = "HELLO WORLD";
    CuAssertStrEquals(tc, expected, actual);

CuSuite* CuGetSuite(void) {
    CuSuite* suite = CuSuiteNew();
    SUITE_ADD_TEST(suite, TestStrToUpper);
    return suite;


Compile with mod_cutest options.

$ apxs2 -c mod_modcutest_example.c \
>       `modcutest-config --cflags` \
>       `modcutest-config --libs`

Install your module.

$ sudo apxs2 -i -a -n 'modcutest_example'

Add next code to your httpd.conf.

<IfModule mod_modcutest_example.c>
    <Location /modcutest_example>
        SetHandler modcutest_example

Restart Apache.

$ sudo apachectl restart

run test

Access next URL.


dl_path is the key to specify your module installed path.
Actually, you should replace /path/to to apxs -q libexecdir.

You will an error because we haven't implemented the StrToUpper() correctly. We are just returning the string without changing it to upper case.

char* StrToUpper(char* str) {
    return str;

Rewrite this as follows:

char* StrToUpper(char* str) {
    char* p;
    for (p = str ; *p ; ++p) *p = toupper(*p);
    return str;

Recompile and run the tests again. The test should pass this time.


At this point you might want to write more tests for the StrToUpper() function. Here are some ideas:

TestStrToUpper_EmptyString : pass in ""
TestStrToUpper_UpperCase : pass in "HELLO WORLD"
TestStrToUpper_MixedCase : pass in "HELLO world"
TestStrToUpper_Numbers : pass in "1234 hello"

As you write each one of these tests add it to CuGetSuite().
If you don't the tests won't be run. Later as you write other functions and write tests for them be sure to include those in CuGetSuite() also. The CuGetSuite() function should include all the tests in mod_modcutest_example.c

CuTest offers a rich set of CuAssert functions. Here is a list:

void CuAssert(CuTest* tc, char* message, int condition);
void CuAssertTrue(CuTest* tc, int condition);
void CuAssertStrEquals(CuTest* tc, char* expected, char* actual);
void CuAssertIntEquals(CuTest* tc, int expected, int actual);
void CuAssertPtrEquals(CuTest* tc, void* expected, void* actual);
void CuAssertPtrNotNull(CuTest* tc, void* pointer);


Please look out AUTHORS file.