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// OCWindowController.h
// OCDocumentFramework
// Created by Philip Regan on 2/19/10.
// Copyright 2010 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
* Primary interface between the MyDocument (model) and the editors (views).
* This manages any higher-level editing of objects, and pushes changes to the
* MyDocument class.
* Currently only the OCView (piano roll interface) is allowed user changes
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "OCConstants.h"
@class OCView;
@class OCScrollView;
@class OCRulerView;
@class OCKeyRollView;
@class MyDocument;
@class OCConstantsLib;
@class OCMusicObj;
@class OCNoteObj;
@class OCGroupObj;
@class OCChordObj;
@class OCSequenceObj;
@class OCResizeTabObj;
@class OCMusicPieceObj;
@class OCSelectKeyWindowController;
@class OCKeyObj;
@class OCSelectChordWindowController;
@class OCPlayController;
@interface OCWindowController : NSWindowController {
/* Interface Management */
IBOutlet OCView *linkedView;
NSSegmentedControl *EditModeSelector;
NSSegmentedControl *defaultLengthSelector;
OCScrollView *scrollView;
IBOutlet OCRulerView *rulerView;
IBOutlet OCKeyRollView *keyRollView;
IBOutlet NSButton *increaseZoomXButton;
IBOutlet NSButton *decreaseZoomXButton;
IBOutlet NSButton *increaseZoomYButton;
IBOutlet NSButton *decreaseZoomYButton;
IBOutlet NSStepper *timeSignatureBeatsPerMeasureStepper;
IBOutlet NSTextField *timeSignatureBeatsPerMeasureField;
IBOutlet NSStepper *timeSignatureBasicBeatStepper;
IBOutlet NSTextField *timeSignatureBasicBeatField;
/* Music Playing Management */
OCPlayController *playController;
/* Window Management */
/* The main window MyDocument is already set to the 'window' property */
IBOutlet NSWindow *selectKeySheet;
IBOutlet OCSelectKeyWindowController *selectKeyWindowController;
IBOutlet NSWindow *selectChordSheet;
IBOutlet OCSelectChordWindowController *selectChordWindowController;
MyDocument *myDocument;
NSRect masterEditorArea;
NSRect zoomedMasterEditorArea;
float originalScrollViewHeight;
float lastScrollViewHeight;
float currentScrollViewHeight;
/* Zoom Management */
int zoomXIndex;
int zoomYIndex;
/* Control Management */
int timeSignatureBeatsPerMeasure;
int timeSignatureBasicBeatIndex;
float defaultLength;
float snapToValue;
/* Select Key Management */
int selectedKeyType;
int selectedKeyTonic;
/* Select Chord Management */
int selectedChordType;
int selectedSeventhExtension;
int selectedSeventhExtensionModifier;
int selectedChordModifer;
enum EditorMode editorMode;
/* Selection Management */
NSMutableArray *selection;
NSButton *stopNotes;
@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet OCView *linkedView;
@property (assign) IBOutlet NSSegmentedControl *EditModeSelector;
@property (assign) IBOutlet NSSegmentedControl *defaultLengthSelector;
@property (assign) IBOutlet NSWindow *selectKeySheet;
@property (assign) IBOutlet NSWindow *selectChordSheet;
@property (nonatomic, retain) MyDocument *myDocument;
@property (nonatomic) int zoomXIndex;
@property (nonatomic) int zoomYIndex;
@property (readwrite) enum EditorMode editorMode;
@property (readwrite) int timeSignatureBasicBeatIndex;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Zoom Management
#pragma mark -
- (NSRect) refactorRectToCurrentZoom:(NSRect)aRect;
- (NSRect) defactorRectAtCurrentZoom:(NSRect)aRect;
- (IBAction) increaseZoomX:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) decreaseZoomX:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) increaseZoomY:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) decreaseZoomY:(id)sender;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Control Management
#pragma mark -
- (IBAction) updateNewNoteValue:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) updateSnapToValue:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) updateTimeSignatureBeatsPerMeasure:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) updateTimeSignatureBasicBeat:(id)sender;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Menu Management
#pragma mark -
- (IBAction) groupSelection:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) ungroupSelection:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)changeKey:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)makeChordsWithSelection:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)makeSequenceWithSelection:(id)sender;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Window Management
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Select Key Window
- (IBAction)setKeyTonic:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)setKeyType:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)keyOkButton:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)keyCancelButton:(id)sender;
- (void)selectKeySheetDidEnd:(NSWindow *)sheet returnCode:(int)returnCode contextInfo:(void *)contextInfo;
#pragma mark Select Chord Window
- (IBAction)setChordType:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)selectExtensionSeventh:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)selectExtensionSeventhModifier:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)selectChordModifier:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)chordOkButton:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)chordCancelButton:(id)sender;
- (void)selectChordSheetDidEnd:(NSWindow *)sheet returnCode:(int)returnCode contextInfo:(void *)contextInfo;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Color Management
#pragma mark -
- (NSColor *)defaultColor;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark State Management
#pragma mark -
- (void) updateViews;
- (void) notifyKeyRollOfInterfaceUpdate;
- (int) timeSignatureBeatsPerMeasure;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Object Management (accessors to document)
#pragma mark -
- (NSMutableArray *) notes;
- (NSMutableArray *) groups;
- (NSMutableArray *) chords;
- (NSMutableArray *) sequences;
- (NSMutableArray *) resizeTabs;
- (OCMusicPieceObj *) musicPiece;
- (OCKeyObj *)key;
#pragma mark Object Creation
- (void) createNoteAtBeat:(float)beat pitch:(float)pitch;
- (IBAction)createChordsWithSelection:(id)sender;
#pragma mark Object Movement
- (void) moveSelectionDeltaX:(float)deltaX DeltaY:(float)deltaY;
- (void)moveNote:(OCNoteObj *)note DeltaX:(float)deltaX DeltaY:(float)deltaY;
- (void) moveGroup:(OCGroupObj *)group DeltaX:(float)deltaX DeltaY:(float)deltaY;
- (void) moveChord:(OCChordObj *)chord DeltaX:(float)deltaX DeltaY:(float)deltaY;
- (void)setOldData;
#pragma mark Object Resizing
- (void) changeLengthOfSelectionByDeltaX:(float)deltaX;
- (void) changeLengthOfSequence:(OCSequenceObj *)sequence byDeltaX:(float)deltaX;
- (void) changeLengthOfNote:(OCNoteObj *)note byDeltaX:(float)deltaX;
#pragma mark Object Deletion
- (void) deleteNoteAtBeat:(float)beat pitch:(float)pitch;
- (IBAction) deleteSelection:(id)sender;
- (void)deleteSequence:(OCSequenceObj *)sequence;
- (void)deleteGroup:(OCGroupObj *)group;
- (void)deleteChord:(OCChordObj *)chord;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Selection Management
#pragma mark -
* retrieves the topmost selected object if a note has a parent object
* can return nil
- (OCMusicObj *)getMusicObjAtBeat:(float)beat pitch:(float)pitch;
* Core object selection algorithm.
- (OCMouseMode) selectNoteAtBeat:(float)beat pitch:(float)pitch modifier:(int)modifier;
#pragma mark Object Selection Routing
- (void) addMusicObjToSelection:(OCMusicObj *)musicObj;
- (void) removeMusicObjFromSelection:(OCMusicObj *)musicObj;
#pragma mark Note Selection Management
- (void) addNoteToSelection:(OCNoteObj *)note;
- (void) removeNoteFromSelection:(OCNoteObj *)note;
#pragma mark Group Selection Management
- (void) addGroupToSelection:(OCGroupObj *)group;
- (void) removeGroupFromSelection:(OCGroupObj *)group;
#pragma mark Chord Selection Management
- (void) addChordToSelection:(OCChordObj *)chord;
- (void) removeChordFromSelection:(OCChordObj *)chord;
#pragma mark Absolute Selection Management
- (IBAction) selectAll:(id)sender;
- (IBAction) selectNone:(id)sender;
#pragma mark Sequence Selection Management
- (void) addSequenceToSelection:(OCSequenceObj *)sequence;
- (void) removeSequenceFromSelection:(OCSequenceObj *)sequence;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Editing Management
#pragma mark -
- (IBAction) setEditMode:(id)sender;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Play Management
#pragma mark -
- (IBAction)playNotes:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)stopNotes:(id)sender;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Dummy Content Creation
#pragma mark -
- (IBAction) createLinearSample:(id)selector;
- (IBAction) createOdeToJoySample:(id)selector;
- (IBAction) createBasicRandomMelody:(id)selector;
- (IBAction) createObjectBuffet:(id)selector;
- (int) randomInRangeMin:(int)min max:(int)max;