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Project: Key Image Gallery
Author(s): Philip Regan
Source Code Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 Philip Regan All Rights Reserved.
Additional Copyright: Output Copyright (c) 2012 Jones & Bartlett Learning
Source: New source only; no adaptations.
Requirements: HTML5/CSS/JS
Road map:
X Key Features
X Search
X add search form to index.html
X capture search terms
X create search algorithm
X split terms into words
- split string by term or...
X ...regex
X push to search results page
X display results
- split results by chapter?
X Chapters
X Add chapter title array
X track chapter number (because chapters may not be sequential)
X track chapter title
X track chapter author (contributed texts)
X Display chapter titles
X index.html
X chapter_n.html
X Inter-chapter navigation
X Add divs to layout components (see Kristin first)
Known Bugs
Change History:
12_05_18_01_00_000: Started source
12_05_18_01_00_001: Added initial architecture documentation
Added initial src files
12_05_18_01_00_002: Added blank js and css
12_05_18_01_00_003: Added full size view html file
Added scaffolding and to dos
12_05_18_01_00_004: Added core current functionality from sample
Updated HTML to properly link
Added sample chapter files
12_05_18_01_00_005: Fixed bug in where full view was not appearing
12_05_18_01_01_000: Code migration complete
Added variables to top of engine code to better manage image-related values
Added FPO full and thumb images
Updated content array to point to FPOs
12_05_18_01_01_001: Added search infrastructure
12_05_18_01_01_002: Added initial code to sanitizeSearchTerms
Added search brainstorm
12_05_21_01_01_003: Added basic search functionality
12_05_21_01_01_004: Fixed search to use reg ex for more accurate hits
12_05_21_01_01_005: Added result index sorting
12_05_21_01_01_006: Added result duplicate removal
12_05_21_01_01_007: Updated 'search' to 'searchPrep'
Added basic string check to ensure we have a proper string
12_05_22_01_02_000: Updated chapter table generation to be modular to accomodate search results display
Added initial search results display code
12_05_22_01_02_001: Updated sample content store to something more generic
Updated searchWithResults to handle no results gracefully
12_05_22_01_02_002: Updated searchWithResults to generate thumbnail table
12_05_22_01_02_003: Updated searchWithResults to search within confines of content array but still has problems
Fixed bug where thumbs were not linking to the full size images properly
12_05_22_01_02_004: Updated searchWithResults with refactored index offsets for more reliable search
12_05_22_01_02_005: Fixed remaining bugs in search, now returns predictable results
12_05_22_01_02_006: Added navigation from chapter and search results to index page
12_05_22_01_02_007: Updated navigation so that all pages are UI aligned
12_05_23_01_02_008: Updated array offsets to be more descriptive
12_05_23_01_03_000: Added dynamic chapter index creation
12_05_23_01_03_001: Updated dynamic chapter index creation to switch index.html link on and off
Updated all HTML files to handle the new function profile
12_05_23_01_04_000: Updated engine and html with needed classes for CSS
12_05_23_01_04_001: Updated engine such that all content gets are done in one function
12_05_24_01_04_002: Fixed bug where thumbnail tables were not being generated
Fixed bug where full size image was not being placed
12_05_24_01_04_003: Fixed bug where full size metadata was not being placed
12_05_24_01_04_004: Updated sample content to real-world content and not contrived example
12_05_24_01_04_005: Updated engine to comply with initial spec
12_05_24_01_04_006: Updated index.htm to capture enter key to initiate search
12_05_24_01_04_007: Updated index.htm so that IE works the button the same as all the other browsers