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Project: RPG Kit for iOS
Author(s): Philip Regan
Source Code Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 Philip Regan All Rights Reserved.
Additional Copyright: None
Source: New source only; no adaptations.
Requirements: None
Immediate To-Do:
X Create Strings constants
X Add generic game to localizable
X Port
X Core Data
X Initial App and Defaults setup
X Universe (Game)
X Deletion
X Creation
X Game Components Select
X Alter to UIViewController so we can have a toolbar
X Game Metadata Edit
X Title
X Intro
X Monetary Unit
X Temporal Unit
X Retrieve
X Update
X Player Edit
X Name
X About
X Game Object Selection
X Track target entity, relationship, and in-game parent
/ target entity whose relationship is in-game parent
X Tasks
X Locations Select
X Create
X Delete
X Object Linker view created and game data controller ready to accept link requests
X Task Metadata View Controller now showing menu items
X Hook up menu items to view controllers
X Test linking of locations to locations
X test linking of locations to accomplishments
X Edit
X View linked locations
X View all locations to link to a location
X Delink locations
X View linked Accomplishments
X View all accomplishments to link to a location (->Edit, Create, and Delete)
X Delink accomplishments
X Accomplishments (handled as tasks)
X Edit
X Create
X Delete
* Build
X Game Engine
X Abilities
X Player - Stats
X Accomplishment - Difficulty Class
- Equipment Bonus CANCELLED
X Result calculations
* Konami Codes (Handled as player names)
* Konami
* Free access to all nodes, equipment, and accomplishments not required
* Konami007
* All equipment, but accomplishments are still run
* Extend
* Graphics
* Objects
* Players
* Nodes
* Equipment
* Accomplishments
* In-Game
* Map
* Edit Game
Editor Paths
* Game
> Edit
X Game
X Player
X Locations
X Locations List
X Location Metadata
X Accomplshment List
X LocationList for Linking
X Location List for Linking
* Equipment
* Equipment List
* Equipment Metadata
* Accomplishment List for Linking
X Play
X Location Display
X Location List for traveling
Clean up
X Verify and fix listed bugs below
X turn off game nuking on startup
X implement low memory warnings
X Code review, clean up and comment
X enable in-game object property
X Documentation
X Wumpus
* Submit
Bugs (critical)
* None
Bugs (Non-critical)
* None
Change History:
12_04_14_01_00_000: Started source
12_04_14_01_00_001: Added OCGameDataController class
Added localized strings file
12_04_14_01_00_002: Added entities to Core Data
12_04_14_01_00_003: Added Game Object Attributes to Core Data
12_04_14_01_00_004: Added Universe Attributes to Core Data
Updated Game Data Controller to reflect relationships
12_04_14_01_00_005: Added task and Player Attributes to Core Data
Updated Game Data Controller to reflect relationships
12_04_14_01_00_006: Added store deletion code for troubleshooting purposes
12_04_14_01_00_007: Added Game Data Controller to MainViewController
12_04_14_01_00_008: Added game data init and linked game data controller to App Delegate and MainViewController
12_04_14_01_00_009: Added create entity to game data controller
12_04_14_01_00_010: Added Universe Entity creation to game data controller
12_04_14_01_00_011: Fixed pointer warnings due to incorrect const declarations
12_04_14_01_00_012: Started adding sample locations
12_04_14_01_00_013: Added remaining sample data
Updated Core Data store to improve implementation
12_04_14_01_00_014: Fixed bug in location population where to-many relationship was not being handled properly; app populates defaults properly and runs to main view controller
12_04_14_01_00_015: Added toolbar and table view to MainViewController
12_04_14_01_00_016: Added required table view methods to MainViewController
12_04_14_01_00_017: Fixed bugs related to custom cells by nuking custom cells
Confirmed the two sample games are showing up in the root view.
12_04_15_01_00_018: Added navigation controller for easier navigation during editing
12_04_15_01_00_019: Added title and events related to navigation bar so interface updates correctly
12_04_15_01_00_020: Added back button management so the title of the button changes in the background
12_04_16_01_00_021: Added Generic strings to localizable so new universes get something
Added OCStrings for easier management of Core Data constants
Added Generic Universe Creation to OCGameDataController
12_04_16_01_00_022: Added Universe Deletion to MainViewController and OCGameDataController
12_04_16_01_00_023: Updated games in MainViewController and OCGameDataController to NSMutableArray
12_04_16_01_00_024: Completed and confirmed universe (game) deletion
12_04_16_01_01_000: Added Game Component Selection View
12_04_16_01_01_001: Fixed bug where the view was not key-value compliant for a key in a different nib (wrong nib being called)
12_04_16_01_02_000: Added Game Metadata View Controller
12_04_16_01_02_001: Added IBOutlets and IBActions for controls and updated interface
12_04_17_01_02_002: Added content updates to OCGameDataController and Game Metadata View Controller
12_04_17_01_02_003: Fixed a couple logic errors where the text area contents were not being applied to the current universe
12_04_17_01_02_004: Added PlayerMetadataView
12_04_17_01_02_005: Added Content hooks to PlayerMetadataView
12_04_17_01_02_006: Fixed bug in OCGameDataController where the player was not actually being created in the data store
12_04_17_01_03_000: Added GameObjectSelectorViewController
12_04_18_01_03_001: Changed GameObjectSelectorViewController to GameObjectSelectionViewController and as a UIViewController so that we could more easily implement a toolbar for adding and deleting objects
12_04_18_01_03_002: Updated OCGameDataController to handle CRUD for Tasks
12_04_18_01_03_003: Updated GameObjectSelectionController to display objects
12_04_18_01_03_004: Updated GameObjectSelectionController to allow editing of lists
12_04_18_01_03_005: Updated OCGameDataController to fix misalignment of data across games, but it isn't working
12_04_18_01_03_006: Fixed some data misalignment issues in OCGameDataController and Localizable.strings
12_04_19_01_03_007: Fixed bug where quests were not being showin GameObjectSelectionView because the section count was incorrect
12_04_19_01_03_008: Fixed bug where certain tasks were not having their intros populated properly because of "Intro" vs. "intro"
12_04_19_01_04_000: Added Task Metadata View
12_04_19_01_04_001: Updated Task Metadata View with interface elements and back button in navigation bar
12_04_19_01_04_002: Updated Task Metadata View with editing hooks
12_04_19_01_05_000: Added Game Play View and OCGameEngine
Added Abilities entity to Core Data store
Updated Strings to handle Abilities entity
Added Equipment to Core Data Store
Updated Strings to handle Equipment
12_04_19_01_05_001: Updated Core Data store to have much simpler Task management, where tasks can be related to tasks only and the controller logic decides whether they are locations or accomplishments
12_04_19_01_05_002: Updated OCGameDataController to create locations as just tasks
12_04_19_01_05_003: Updated GamePlayViewController with the core methods needed to work
12_04_19_01_05_004: Updated GamePlayViewController and Game Selector (Mode) to load GamePlayViewController properly and apply universe-level items.
Updated xib backgrounds to be consistent
12_04_19_01_05_005: Added core game play methods to OCGameDataController
Updated OCGameDataController to get the home location
12_04_19_01_06_000: Updated core data tasks to have strict sibling, parent, and child relationships
Updated Strings to reflect the relationships
Updated sample game creation to reflect the relationships
Updated Game Play Stack to reflect relationships
12_04_19_01_06_001: Identified bug in GamePlayViewController where array is not being passed back from OCGameDataController
12_04_19_01_06_002: Fixed bug in GamePlayViewController where an unpopulated array was being called causing a crash that, of course, had no relevance to the actual problem.
12_04_19_01_06_003: Updated GamePlayViewController to go from location to location
12_04_19_01_06_004: Updated GamePlayViewController so that the back button in the navigation bar will update with the previous location's title
12_04_26_01_07_000: Added Accomplishments to Sample Games
12_04_26_01_07_001: Updated Game Play View Controller to show the Accomplishments for a given location
12_04_26_01_07_002: Updated Game Play View Controller so that the accomplishments button is disabled if there are no accomplishments
Updated Game Play View Controller's accomplishments table to style cells so that show the text being inline rather than actionable
12_04_26_01_07_003: Updated Game Play View Controller to show detail view for a given accomplishment
12_04_28_01_08_000: Added Game Object Linker View Controller along with the core items needed to manage content
12_04_28_01_08_001: Updated Game Object Linker View Controller with code needed to manage and make links with OCGameDataController
Updated OCGameDataController with a basic method to manage linking for Game Object Linker View Controller
12_04_28_01_08_002: Added linking table menu to the Task Metadata View
12_04_28_01_08_003: Updated linking table menu to show menu items
12_04_28_01_08_004: Added Game Object View Linked and Delinked View Controller
Added Linking Stack to OCGameDataController
12_04_28_01_08_005: Updated Linker and View/Delinker, and Game Data Controller with v1 code before testing begins
12_04_28_01_08_006: Added View/Delinker VC code to TaskMetaView to start testing
12_04_28_01_08_007: Fixed problem with linker nibs where deleted properities in the classes were not managed in the nib causing a crash
12_04_28_01_08_008: Updated Game Data Controller to show linked locations in edit stack
12_04_28_01_08_009: Updated Task Metadata View Controller to link to Game Object View Linked for Accomplishments
12_04_28_01_08_010: Updated Linker View to show all instances of a passed entity
12_04_28_01_08_011: Updated OCGameDataController to properly link two object's together.
Confirmed that Locations and Accomplishments link and Locations link to other Locations
12_04_29_01_08_012: Updated View/Delinker to actually perform delinking
12_04_29_01_09_000: Updated OCGameDataController to create Abilities scores for different types of objects
Updated OCGameDataController to link abilities scores to objects
Updated OCGameEngine with core game play routine
12_04_29_01_09_001: Fixed bug in Abilities creation that caused a crash in Core Data because value validation was hard set in the CD editor.
12_04_29_01_09_002: Updated OCGameEngine with core game mechanic
12_04_29_01_09_003: Confirmed core game mechanic works as advertised
12_04_30_02_00_000: Started submission clean up work
Updated data store nuking to be more clear
Removed data store nuking for testing
12_04_30_02_00_001: Updated AppDelegate to handle low memoery warnings by saving the data store via OCGameDataController
12_04_30_02_00_002: Updated FlipView with information about the app and required copyrights
12_04_30_02_00_003: Updated MainViewController with clean comments and better code reuse
12_04_30_02_00_004: Updated GameSelectorViewController with clean comments and better code reuse
12_04_30_02_00_005: Updated GamePlayViewController with clean comments and better code reuse
Updated localized strings with new interface text that was hardcoded into the class
12_04_30_02_00_006: Updated OCGameEngine with clean comments and better code reuse
12_04_30_02_00_007: Updated GameComponentSelectorViewController with clean comments and better code reuse
Updated GameComponentSelectorViewController to better handle the lack of equipment-related features
12_04_30_02_00_008: Updated GameComponentSelectorViewController to remove Equipment
12_04_30_02_00_009: Updated Game Object Selection View with clean comments
12_04_30_02_00_010: Updated Game Object Linker View with clean comments
12_04_30_02_00_011: Updated Game Object View Linked and Delink View with clean comments
12_04_30_02_00_012: Updated Game Metadata View with clean comments
12_04_30_02_00_013: Updated Player Metadata View with clean comments
12_04_30_02_00_014: Updated Task Metadata View with clean comments
12_04_30_02_00_015: Updated OCGameDataController with clean comments
Updates localizable.strings with content hard coded in OCGameDataController
12_04_30_02_00_016: Updated app so that it supports undeletable tasks (i.e., Home)
12_04_30_02_00_017: Updated OCGameDataController to create Wumpus map
12_05_02_02_01_018: Updated Edit Actions in Game Selection View, Game Object Selection View, and Game Object View Linked and Delink View to cancel editing upon second pressing of "Edit" button.
Updated OCGameDataController with a function to reset the data store to the default
Updated FlipsideViewController with required hooks to call OCGameDataController to reset games.
Original Proposal
X I would like to update the backend to better handle some of the features detailed in the Android projects. The core problem I discovered is that the databases are not designed to handle the ownership of multiple pieces equipment of equipment amongst multiple game objects.
X Actual implementation of the GameEngine would be keen.
* Required objects and qualifications to start certain Accomplishments.
* Graphics of any kind, but I see that coming into play for the final project. I have a couple ideas that probably go beyond the scope of this project.
First steps
X Successful porting of the Android code to iOS to match the feature set.
X Update model (database) to better manage equipment
Second Steps
X Add the creation, deletion, and linking of core game objects to other game objects (i.e., create a new Task and add it as an Accomplishment to a Location, transfer ownership of an Equipment from a Task to the Player).
Final Steps
X Creation and deletion of games themselves
* Some kind of graphics—maybe a Location map during play and linking.