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OpenArena tote


Make betting (with both virtual currency or BTC) possible in OA. Read more:


Just for fun and to keep the game I love alive.

Architecture of the project

OaMod <-----------> gRPC client (Go) <-------------> Backend (Go)
           Cgo                             gRPC
                                  (documented in api.proto)

How to build and run OA mod

You will need a C-compiler (better gcc or clang), GNU make, Go, grpc-go.

cd /path/to/oa_mod/linux_scripts/
./build_oa_server [ path/to/dir/for/downloading/pk3s - optional ]
./run_oa_server <port> server.cfg

Make sure that server.cfg is in ~/.openarena/baseoa folder and you have BINNAME set to your openarena server binary.

How to build and run backend

You will need: Go, grpc-go.

cd /path/to/backend/otservice/
go build
./otservice -database '/path/to/storage_file' -start-money 0

OpenArena mod

Modified OAX. The mod is currently only CTF-oriented (both betting structure and user interface).

See also the Cvars and Cmds lists.

Game stages

Game process is splitted into the following stages, the only way to switch between them is to use ready command or by finishing the match in some way.

    Available commands: pastBets, betsSummary, ready, help, shareBalance, timeout, timein. Players are able to switch teams or spec and disconnect. No additional restrictions comparing to normal game, but scores (both flags and personal) aren't counted. You can't make any bets yet, teams aren't formed.

    Available commands: bet, unbet, pastBets, betsSummary, help, shareBalance, timeout, timein. Teams are fixed, you can't switch. If someone disconnects, map_restart is called. You can now make and discard your bets. Still no scores though. Next stage will be started in g_makingBetsTime.

    Available commands: pastBets, betsSummary, help, shareBalance, timeout, timein. Betting is finished. Teams are still locked, but the game has started already, so score is now counted.

How to earn OaCoins?

  • Every new player is sponsored with 1000 OAC for first sign up.
  • Your score after every single match played in oatot mod is transferred to your prize top-up (1 score point is equal to one OAC for now).
  • Obviously - by making bets and winning them! :)

Future solutions

  • Mining.
  • Make OaCoins visible items on the map so you can collect them while playing.