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Example project how-to build HLS-streaming server using oat++ Async-API.
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Example-HLS-Media-Stream Build Status

Example project how-to build HLS-streaming server using oat++ Async-API.

Live stream tested with Safari-Browser and VLC-player

More about oat++:


Server generates infinite .m3u8 playlist from the pre-generated playlist_live.m3u8 file in the video folder.
File video/playlist_live.m3u8 together with video chunks is generated using ffmpeg.

Server is built using oat++ Async-Api and has following endpoints:

  • ("GET", "/", Root) - Starting html-page aka index.html
  • ("GET", "video/*", Video) - Embedded video html-page
  • ("GET", "media/live", Live) - Infinite HLS playlist for live-stream describing video chunks
  • ("GET", "media/*", Static) - Endpoint serving media files with range requests support

Project layout

|- CMakeLists.txt              // project loader script. load and build dependencies 
|- main/                       // main project directory
|    |
|    |- CMakeLists.txt         // projects CMakeLists.txt
|    |- src/                   // source folder
|    |- test/                  // test folder
|- video/                      // media files and playlists here
     |-        // example how to use ```ffmpeg``` to generate initial playlist and video chunks
     |- playlist_live.m3u8     // playlist used to generate infinite playlist for http-live-streaming

- src/
    |- controller/              // Folder containing UserController where all endpoints are declared
    |- hls/                     // Playlist generator is here
    |- Utils.hpp                // Utils
    |- AppComponent.hpp         // Service config
    |- Logger.hpp               // Application Logger
    |- App.cpp                  // main() is here

Build and Run

Using CMake

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make run        ## Download, build, and install all dependencies. Run project

In Docker

$ docker build -t example-hls .
$ docker run -p 8000:8000 -t example-hls




  • localhost:8000 - Index page
  • localhost:8000/media/live - Live stream made from {repo}/video/video1.mp4 and {repo}/video/video2.mp4 played in the loop


  • {repo}/video/playlist_live.m3u8 - playlist used for live HLS streaming
  • {repo}/video/ - example script used to generate sub-playlists and video fragmets using ffmpeg tool. #EXTINF sections of sub-playlists then have to be manualy moved to playlist_live.m3u8.


If app can't find playlist of video files then specify full-file-paths for {repo}/video/playlist_live.m3u8 file and {repo}/video folder in AppComponent.hpp

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