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🌱Light, high-performance web framework. Create bleedingly-fast web-services. Organic. Pure C++
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Zero-Dependency. Performance oriented web-service-development framework. Organic. Pure C++.

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  • Blazingly fast
  • Zero Dependency
  • Asynchronous server (High performance. Handle over 5 Million simultaneous WebSocket connections on a single server.) See benchmark
  • Multithreaded server (Simple API)
  • Connection agnostic. (Use whatever transport. Whatever SSL backend. Whatever sockets, pipes, files. etc. It cares about HTTP stream only)
  • REST framework (with ability to autodocument endpoints see oatpp-swagger)
  • Retrofit-like client wrapper (Use whatever request executor for example cURL, or minimalistic one provided out of the box)
  • Object mapping (Fast object serialization-deserialization. Currently JSON, more formats comes shortly)
  • Simple dependency injection framework
  • Simple Test framework
  • HTTP_1.1 (2.0 comes shortly)

Simple API overview

"Simple API" refers to as API used together with oatpp::web::server::HttpConnectionHandler utilizing multithreading plus blocking-IO approach.

Create Endpoint

ENDPOINT("GET", "demo/api/hello", hello) {
  return createResponse(Status::CODE_200, "Hello World!");

Pass parameters to endpoint

ENDPOINT("GET", "demo/api/param/{param}", getWithParams,
         PATH(String, param)) {
  return createResponse(Status::CODE_200, "param=" + param);

Return JSON

ENDPOINT("GET", "demo/api/json", getJson) {
  auto dto = MyDto::createShared();
  dto->statusCode = 200;
  dto->message = "Hello json";
  return createDtoResponse(Status::CODE_200, dto);


{"message": "Hello json", "statusCode": 200}

Post JSON body

ENDPOINT("POST", "demo/api/json", postJson,
         BODY_DTO(MyDto::ObjectWrapper, dto)) {
  auto dtoMessage = dto->message;
  return createResponse(Status::CODE_200, "dtoMessage: " + dtoMessage);


$ curl -X POST "localhost:8001/demo/api/json" -d '{"message": "hello json post"}'
dtoMessage: hello json post

Async API overview

"Async API" refers to as API used together with oatpp::web::server::AsyncHttpConnectionHandler utilizing oatpp-coroutines plus non-blocking-IO approach.

Create Endpoint Async

ENDPOINT_ASYNC("GET", "demo/api_async/hello", HelloAsync) {


  Action act() override {
    return _return(controller->createResponse(Status::CODE_200, "Hello World Async API!"));


Pass parameters to endpoint Async

ENDPOINT_ASYNC("GET", "demo/api_async/param/{param}", GetWithParamsAsync) {


  Action act() override {
    auto param = request->getPathVariable("param");
    return _return(controller->createResponse(Status::CODE_200, "param=" + param));


Return JSON Async

ENDPOINT_ASYNC("GET", "demo/api_async/json", GetJSONAsync) {


  Action act() override {
    auto dto = MyDto::createShared();
    dto->statusCode = 200;
    dto->message = "Hello json";
    return _return(controller->createDtoResponse(Status::CODE_200, dto));



{"message": "Hello json", "statusCode": 200}

Post JSON body Async

ENDPOINT_ASYNC("POST", "demo/api_async/json", PostJSONAsync) {


  Action act() override {
    return request->readBodyToDtoAsync<MyDto>(controller->getDefaultObjectMapper()).callbackTo(&PostJSONAsync::onBodyObtained);

  Action onBodyObtained(const MyDto::ObjectWrapper& dto) {
    return _return(controller->createResponse(Status::CODE_200, "dtoMessage: " + dto->message));



$ curl -X POST "localhost:8001/demo/api_async/json" -d '{"message": "hello json post"}'
dtoMessage: hello json post

Swagger documentation

ENDPOINT_INFO(createUser) {
  info->summary = "Create new User";
  info->addResponse<UserDto::ObjectWrapper>(Status::CODE_200, "application/json");
ENDPOINT("POST", "demo/api/users", createUser,
         BODY_DTO(UserDto::ObjectWrapper, userDto)) {
  return createDtoResponse(Status::CODE_200, m_database->createUser(userDto));

How to start

Grab any project from examples, and follow README


  • Media-Stream (Http-Live-Streaming) - Example project of how-to build HLS-streaming server using oat++ Async-API.
  • CRUD - Example project of how-to create basic CRUD endpoints.
  • AsyncApi - Example project of how-to use asynchronous API for handling large number of simultaneous connections.
  • ApiClient-Demo - Example project of how-to use Retrofit-like client wrapper (ApiClient) and how it works.
  • TLS-Libressl - Example project of how-to setup secure connection and serve via HTTPS.
  • Consul - Example project of how-to use oatpp::consul::Client. Integration with Consul.
  • PostgreSQL - Example of a production grade entity service storing information in PostgreSQL. With Swagger-UI and configuration profiles.
  • WebSocket - Collection of oatpp WebSocket examples.
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