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RequestExecutor for oatpp's ApiClient based on libcurl. Supports both Sync and Async APIs.
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oatpp-curl Build Status

oatpp-curl is a wrapper over the libcurl. It adapts libcurl to be used as a RequestExecutor in the oatpp's ApiClient.
It supports all features of oatpp ApiClient together with Synchronous and Asynchronous oatpp's APIs.

More about oat++:


libcurl installed.

oatpp ApiClient ?

oatpp ApiClient is a mechanism which enables you to generate Web Api Clients in declarative manner. Under the hood it uses provided RequestExecutor (ex.: oatpp::curl::RequestExecutor) to perform http requests. Thus you are abstracted from the low-level http-client library implementation and can substitute any other http-client library at any time with zero code changes.
Roughly you may treat oatpp ApiClient as Java Retrofit for C++.


This example is partially taken from oatpp-consul implementation

Declare ApiClient

Declare ApiClient for remote service using code-generation

class MyApiClient : public oatpp::web::client::ApiClient {
#include OATPP_CODEGEN_BEGIN(ApiClient)
  API_CALL("GET", "v1/kv/{key}", kvGet, PATH(String, key))
  API_CALL("GET", "v1/kv/{key}", kvGetInDC, PATH(String, key), QUERY(String, datacenter, "dc"))
  API_CALL("GET", "v1/kv/{key}?raw", kvGetRaw, PATH(String, key))
  API_CALL("GET", "v1/kv/{key}?raw&dc={dc}", kvGetRawInDC, PATH(String, key), PATH(String, datacenter, "dc"))
  API_CALL("PUT", "v1/kv/{key}", kvPut, PATH(String, key), BODY_STRING(String, data))
  API_CALL("PUT", "v1/kv/{key}", kvPutInDC, PATH(String, key), BODY_STRING(String, data), QUERY(String, datacenter, "dc"))
#include OATPP_CODEGEN_END(ApiClient)

Create ApiClient instance

Create MyApiClient instance and configure it to use oatpp::curl::RequestExecutor

/* Create ObjectMapper for serialization of DTOs  */
auto objectMapper = oatpp::parser::json::mapping::ObjectMapper::createShared();

/* Create oatpp-curl RequestExecutor with baseUrl */
auto requestExecutor = oatpp::curl::RequestExecutor::createShared("http://localhost:8500/");

/* Instantiate MyApiClient */
auto myApiClient = MyApiClient::createShared(requestExecutor, objectMapper);

Make calls

// like that...

auto value = myApiClient->kvGetRaw("key")->readBodyToString();
OATPP_LOGD("response", "value='%s'", value->c_str());

// or like that...

auto response = myApiClient->kvPut("key", "some-value");
if(response->statusCode == 200){
  auto body = response->readBodyToString();
  if(body && body == "true") {
    OATPP_LOGD("response", "value successfully saved");


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