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OpenApi 3.0.0 docs + Swagger UI for oatpp services
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Swagger UI for oatpp services

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For full example project see: Example CRUD-API project with Swagger UI


  • Use oatpp::swagger::Controller with oatpp::web::server::HttpConnectionHandler

  • Use oatpp::swagger::AsyncController with oatpp::web::server::AsyncHttpConnectionHandler

  • Swagger UI location - http://localhost:<PORT>/swagger/ui

  • OpenApi 3.0.0 specification location - http://localhost:<PORT>/api-docs/oas-3.0.0.json

If you are using oatpp::web::server::api::ApiController most parts of your endpoints are documented automatically like:

  • Endpoint name
  • Parameters
  • Request Body

You may add more information to your endpoint like follows:

ENDPOINT_INFO(createUser) {
  info->summary = "Create new User";
  info->addResponse<UserDto::ObjectWrapper>(Status::CODE_200, "application/json");
ENDPOINT("POST", "demo/api/users", createUser,
         BODY_DTO(UserDto::ObjectWrapper, userDto)) {
  return createDtoResponse(Status::CODE_200, m_database->createUser(userDto));

How to add Swagger UI to your project

  1. Add oatpp::swagger::DocumentInfo and oatpp::swagger::Resources components to your AppComponents:
 *  General API docs info
OATPP_CREATE_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::swagger::DocumentInfo>, swaggerDocumentInfo)([] {

  oatpp::swagger::DocumentInfo::Builder builder;

  .setTitle("User entity service")
  .setDescription("CRUD API Example project with swagger docs")
  .setContactName("Ivan Ovsyanochka")

  .setLicenseName("Apache License, Version 2.0")

  .addServer("http://localhost:8000", "server on localhost");



 *  Swagger-Ui Resources (<oatpp-examples>/lib/oatpp-swagger/res)
OATPP_CREATE_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::swagger::Resources>, swaggerResources)([] {
  // Make sure to specify correct full path to oatpp-swagger/res folder !!!
  return oatpp::swagger::Resources::loadResources("<YOUR-PATH-TO-REPO>/lib/oatpp-swagger/res");
  1. Create oatpp::swagger::Controller with list of endpoints you whant to document and add it to router:
auto swaggerController = oatpp::swagger::Controller::createShared(<list-of-endpoints-to-document>);


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