Using machine learning to find possible labour trafficking
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Red Herrings v3.key

Red Herrings

Git repository for </humantrafficking> hackathon presented by Cornell Tech and the New York County District Attorney's office.

Challenge question

How might we use open data to discover red flags that identify labour traffickers?


  1. Collect: Build a data aggregator
  2. Process: Use machine learning to extract useful red flags from the rich data produced by 1.
  3. Display: Display (1) the raw data to allow an analyst to deduce patterns in the data; (2) highlight discrepancies learned from 2.


  • Sindhu BABU | Cornell Tech
  • Aline BESSA | NYU
  • Gromit CHAN | NYU
  • Tuan Anh HOANG-VU | NYU
  • Kien PHAM | NYU
  • Johanan OTTENSOOSER | Cornell Tech

With special thanks to: Yamuna KRISHNAMURTHY & Aecio SANTOS from NYU for their mentorship.

Datasets and Sources