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smskrupp implements SMS lists on top of gammu. Gammu does all the lower-level talking to the modem.

It has a command-line interface and a Web interface for list management.


Use the smskrupp command to manage groups:

$ ./smskrupp add-group test t
$ ./smskrupp add-member 0731234567 member1 test
$ ./smskrupp add-member 0731234568 member2 test
$ ./smskrupp set-sender 0731234567 test
$ ./smskrupp list-members test

Now if you have gammu-smsd set up correctly you should be able to send a message from 0731234567 to the phone you've setup with gammu and it will deliver to all members in the group.


Dependencies: sqlite3, gammu-smsd, python-gammu

On debian:

# apt-get install gammu-smsd python-gammu sqlite3 libdbi-dev libsqlite3-dev libdbd-sqlite3

If you want the webapp you also need:

# apt-get install python-bcrypt python-flask

Setting up the sqlite database:

$ cat sql/*.sql | sqlite3 smskrupp.db && cat sql/*.sql | sqlite3 smskrupp-test.db

Create the config file:

$ cp

Edit the config file so it points to the correct locations.

For gammu to work you also need a gammu-smsdrc, there is an example file in the doc/ directory.


If your points to a test-db and a test-smsdrc -- this is the default configuration -- simply run:

$ nosetests