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Advene Users Wiki

Welcome on the Advene Users wiki. It holds documentation, FAQs, etc about the Advene project.

This user guide is far from being complete. As a wiki user, you can edit the text, and add your own corrections or precisions (you should have a "Edit" button above this text).

If you think you have found a bug, or have a feature request, please use the bug tracker. If you have general questions about using Advene, please use the Discussions forum, so that other users can benefit from the answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • the AdveneUserFAQ for frequent questions about the use of Advene
  • the AdveneAuthorFAQ for frequent questions about authoring Advene packages
  • the WindowsFAQ for windows-specific problems (usually related to Advene setup)
  • the MacOSXFAQ for MacOSX-specific problems
  • the LinuxFAQ for Linux-specific problems