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COCoNotes is a video annotation platform.
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COCoNotes is a video annotation platform

It is primarily aimed at publishing enriched educational or research content. However, it can be used for any type of video content.

This project has been funded by a French government support granted to the COMIN Labs excellence laboratory, managed by the National Research Agency in the 'Investing for the Future' program under reference ANR-JO-LABX-07-0J, and by French Région Pays de la Loire.


  • Configure project/ (copy and customize

  • Create a database For mysql backend, specify utf8 as character set: create database michaux DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8;

  • Create tables ./ migrate

  • Create initial data

There is a cocoadmin management command that allows quick creation of content from the command line. For instance, to quickly integrate new videos, use the following command:

./ cocoadmin publish [channel_title] [video_url] [video_title]

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