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Resource authorization

Resource endpoints verify that the token presented is valid and granted access to the scopes associated with the resource in question.

Request Verfication

Each view may set certain scopes under which it is bound. Only requests that present an access token bound to the correct scopes may access the view. Access tokens are commonly embedded in the authorization header but may appear in the query or the body as well.

# Initial setup
from your_validator import your_validator
server = WebApplicationServer(your_validator)

# Per view scopes
required_scopes = ['']

# Validate request
uri = ''
headers, body, http_method = {}, '', 'GET'

valid, oauthlib_request = server.verify_request(
    uri, http_method, body, headers, required_scopes)

# oauthlib_request has a few convenient attributes set such as
# oauthlib_request.client = the client associated with the token
# oauthlib_request.user = the user associated with the token
# oauthlib_request.scopes = the scopes bound to this token

if valid:
    # return the protected resource / view
    # return an http forbidden 403
.. autoclass:: oauthlib.oauth2.ResourceEndpoint
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