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List of applications and tools that make my Android experience amazing, inspired by


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My Android

List of applications and tools that make my Android experience even more amazing. Inspired by



I laid out folders on my home screen based on the word that pops up in my mind when I want to do them. My main screen is for the stuff I use most of the time, and my secondary screen is for things I don't use as often.



  • Great battery life.
  • Great performance.
  • Good camera.
  • Actually supported in my region (My previous Pixel 3 broke down and had all kinds of hardware failures and no matter how much I tried, Google wouldn't replace it (even though it's under warranty) because of my region).


  • Amazing noise cancellation, helps me get peace and quiet in noisy places.
  • Great Google assistant integration.
  • Great battery life.

Launcher, Wallpaper, and Icon Pack



  • Minimal, fast, and free.
  • Back up entire layout (including widgets) to Google Drive.
  • Just the level of customization I need (e.g. icon packs).

Icon Pack

  • I'm really into pixelated themes at the moment, and this is beautiful.


Here is a list of apps that I use the most in my day to day life, categorized by what I want to do.


Phone - Call people

Duo - Call with voice/video through the internet


Todoist - Simple and quick task manager

  • Todoist helps me plan out everything I want to do either for the short term or long term (I'm not sure if I follow GTD).
  • Super fast syncing.
  • Works with my Google Assistant so I can verbally add tasks.

Slack - Chat to get stuff done

Google Calendar - Calendar

  • Simple, fast, and clean calendar app that works extremely well with multiple accounts.

Trello - Collaborative task management

  • Any tasks/projects that I'm collaborating with others on are usually cards on boards here.

Forest - Focus

  • Focus on things that matter.
  • Lets you wait to plant a virtual (or even real) tree, if you do anything else on the phone other than wait, it'll stop.

FastHub - Great GitHub app


Telegram - Chat with friends

WhatsApp - Chat with friends

Messenger - Chat with friends

Discord - Chat with friends, interact with communities


Talon - Twitter client

(I still have the official Twitter client because there's a lot of things third party apps can't do)

  • Great dark mode that I could customize to not hurt my eyes.

Relay Pro - Reddit client

(I still have the official Reddit client because there's a lot of things third party apps can't do)

  • Reddit app with better UX than the official one.
  • Good themeability.
  • Easy to navigate.

Swarm - Location-based social network

  • Share the cool places I've been to.
  • Track history of the cool places I've been to.

LinkedIn - Professional Networking

SnapChat - Stories

  • Keeping up with the latest from my friends.

Quora - Q&A

  • Finding interesting questions.
  • Try to answer questions I can help with.


This is all for the Google stuff that I couldn't categorize.

Spark - Mail client

  • Unified inbox.
  • Fast.
  • Batch actions.

Google - Hub for all my Google stuff

Chrome - Web browser

Drive - Cloud storage


YNAB - Budgeting

  • Set budgeting goals.
  • Budget.
  • Log all transactions.

Splitwise - Split expenses

  • Easiest way to split expenses with other people.
  • Supports multiple currencies.


Google Camera - Take pictures

  • Takes great photos without any fiddling.
  • Great video stabilization.
  • Takes amazing photos at night using Night Sight.

Google Photos - Photo library

  • Makes my photos look great on its own.
  • Builds collages and animations on its own.
  • Easiest way to backup my photos and access them from multiple places.
  • Machine learning, auto detects images.
  • 😖 Kind of scary.


  • This is where I read all my books, whether for fun or to learn.

Medium - Online publishing platform

  • Use the app to read articles on Medium in Night Mode.

Feedly - RSS Reeder

  • Use the app to read through my Feedly feeds of blogs I follow.


Day One - Digital journal

  • Day One is my digital life journal.

Notion - Large writing, scans, web clips, and annotations

  • I do my huge writing here.
  • If I want to access a document from anywhere, I usually store it here.


Google Play Music - Music Streaming

  • My goto music streaming solution.
  • Easiest for me to setup from where I live (Saudi Arabia).

YouTube Music - Music Streaming 2nd solution

  • Google Play Music will most likely be merged with this, so it might be best to get used to it.
  • I use it on the rare occasion that I don't find something on Google Play Music.
  • Has lots of retro videogame music that I can't find anywhere else.


Foursquare - Find cool places

  • Mark places I liked.
  • Search for cool restaurants or cafes.

Google Maps - GPS, City Navigation & Traffic

Waze - Crowdsourced mapping data

  • Where I live, Google Maps isn't always up to date; this is lets people edit/add data more easily.
  • See if there are any car accidents on my route.



  • Works in many countries around the world.
  • Works with my carrier's loyalty points.


  • Lots of restaurants.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Batter categorization of food (e.g. breakfast).
  • Great food images.


1Password - Password manager

  • Generate all of my passwords with it and keep everything in a secured and encrypted vault kept secure by a master password and two factor authentication.
  • No longer need to remember passwords and I now have a unique password for every website that I am signed up on whilst activating two factor authentication wherever possible.
  • Helps me accomplish things verbally.

Google Podcasts - Podcasts

ScanBot - PDF Scanner

Pocket - Read later

  • Save interesting articles.


  • Clock.
  • At a Glance, from the Google app.
    • Automatically shows me what I need to see at the moment (traffic to home or work, weather, next calendar event, etc.)
  • DigiCal
  • Materialistic (shows top Hacker News stories)
  • Check In (Swarm check in)
  • Add Task (Todoist,


I use Tasker to automate things or make things easier.

At the moment I only use it for sending messages to a WhatsApp number I have in my clipboard; without having to add it as a contact, because WhatsApp can't do that for some reason.


Some games I am playing now.

  • Hitman Go - Puzzle game.
  • Evoland - A journey through videogaming history.
  • Clash Royale - Simple strategy game that friends like to play and I play with him.
  • Brawl Stars - Simple mechanics with quick matches with nice competitive gameplay and teamwork.
  • Pokemon Go - Catch pokemon.

If you found this interesting, I also have a similar repository going over what applications I use on macOS.


  • My iOS (The inspiration for this repository).


Suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!

I love finding new awesome tools and apps. If you have a favorite tool or app that you think I missed, please say it.



List of applications and tools that make my Android experience amazing, inspired by







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