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Fixed categories not correctly displaying their events
Allowed cycling through dates, as opposed to static time selectors
Added hCal Markup
Added iCal export
Added Google Calendar export
For a full list see:
Fixed selectors not updating when some objects are deleted.
Allowed groups to be deleted
Allow redirection back to a previous page
Switched from categories to tags
New simple theme
Created public listing of groups
Fixed issue where LDAP users received account creation e-mails
Updated to Rails 1.1.1
Added an events search feature
For a full list see:
Group classes are hidden from the user if there is only one.
Groups names can now be reused if an old group is deleted, and then later
User's can change their password (SQL Authentication)
Proper redirection to the previous page instead of redirecting to the front
page all the time.
E-mails now include header/footer includes, for html, disclaimers, etc.
All history links now link to the correct item.
SQLite error with initial user not being able to associate with groups was
Theme support via 'theme_generator' implemented
Categories can now be removed/altered/merged
Categories now act as tags, via 'acts_as_taggable'
Events search feature implemented
Able to browse by both group and category.
For a full list see:
Changes the way the add group and add category forms worked.
Made non-approved event highlighting more visible, and removed legend when
no unapproved items are displayed.
Fixed errors with history including pagination not working, and unapproved
events being shown.
Context sensitive help has been added to the selectors page.
Removed problem where users were unable to create groups due to not being
able to select a group class.
HTML now properly displayed in both frontpage and event page.
Fixed an issue where some mail was going to '' instead of
to the owner of a group.
For a full list see:
0.6.0 (2005-03-11)
Setup script now handles table generation and superuser creation
Lots of admin usability fixes, including better searching for users and
Group listing now shows all historical events.
Selectors can be deleted.
Refactoring of system to use migrations and to be database neutral
Upgraded to Rails gem 0.14.1
Authentication scheme broken into multiple files and now act as mixins
instead of classes.
Users now e-mailed upon group acceptance, membership acceptance, and
banning, as well as account creation.
Distinction between ID and e-mail.
Long lists are now paginated.
Added Location attribute to events.
Multiple usability issues cleaned up.
Fixed an issue with the group history page having edit and delete
links (even though non-members could not execute those tasks anyway)
For a full list of bug fixes, please refer to
TigerEvents 0.5.0 (2005-09-26)
- initial public release