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jxcore / node.js on Android OS.
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This implementation is OLD and buggy.

Use the Java project under JXcore Node.JS Cordova Plugin




JXcore / Node.JS for Android sample

This project is a kind of 'hello world' for JXcore's native interface on an Android application. You need Android Studio and Android-NDK are installed on your system.

The sample project uses JXcore SpiderMonkey JIT build for Android ARM and Intel processors.
Prebuilt JXcore binaries are already available under the project folders.

Before Start

Download Android Studio
Download Android NDK


1 - Clone this repository git clone
2 - Open Android Studio and from the Main Screen, Select Import project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle ..)
3 - Select the folder jxcore-droid-astd
4 - Define ndk.dir property under file to whereever you've installed the Android NDK
5 - Sync Gradle build etc. see howto
6 - You are all set. Run!

Editing Application

First install js/css Android Studio support from this repo

Browse app > src > main > assets

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