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I am the jmxtrans cookbook!

jmxtrans is an excellent tool for transporting jmx data from your VMs and into a graphing tool like graphite or ganglia. This cookbook only supports writing to graphite but could be easily modified to work with ganglia


Depends on the ark cookbook


  • node['jmxtrans']['graphite']['host'] - defaults to 'graphite'
  • node['jmxtrans']['graphite']['port'] - default to 2003
  • node['jmxtrans']['servers'] - array of servers to query for jmx data along with the properties needed to access each one
  • node['jmxtrans']['root_prefix'] - root prefix for the graphite buckets, defaults to "jmx"


You must override the attribute node['jmxtrans']['servers'] with the list of servers you want monitored and their respective properties

the following example comes from a role

:jmxtrans => {
   :servers =>[
        'name' => '',
        'port' => "8999",
        'type' => 'tomcat',
        'username' => 'foobar',
        'password' => 'rw'
        'name' => '',
        'port' => "8999",
        'type' => 'tomcat',
        'username' => 'foobar',
        'password' => 'baz'


Bryan W. Berry, Copyright 2012, Apache 2.0 license

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