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rabbitmq-pulse is a RabbitMQ plugin that publishes node and queue information, pushing stats instead of polling the Management API
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RabbitMQ Pulse

RabbitMQ Pulse is an experimental exchange plugin that publishes information made available by the rabbitmq-management plugin making cluster monitoring a push event instead of something you poll for.

Messages can be published in JSON format as they would be received from the management API or they can be published in a format that is compatible with Graphite's carbon AMQP client, providing conversionless integration into Graphite and systems like rocksteady.

This is a work in progress and is not meant for production systems (yet).


The x-pulse exchange type added by RabbitMQ Pulse creates a publishing exchange that will send status messages at pre-specified intervals to bound objects matching the routing key patterns it uses.

The rabbitmq-pulse plugin will publish cluster, node and queue statistics to a topic like exchange with varying routing keys to allow for stats at multiple layers of granularity. For example, to get all stats for a server with a hostname of megabunny, you could bind to .rabbit.megabunny. Or to get node stats for all hosts, you could do node.rabbit.. RabbitMQ Pulse uses a similar style of routing-key behavior as the topic exchange, but without the partial word matching (ie no node.rab.).

The messages are JSON serialized data with stats provided by the rabbitmq-management plugin.


  • Add the ability to bind to get stats for:
    • Queues
    • Connections
    • Channels
  • Handle shutdown cleanly
  • Handle add_binding/remove_binding, create, delete properly

Message Types

  • cluster overview: High-level cluster overview data
  • node stats: Per-node messages
  • queue stats: Per-queue messages


Currently, the best way to install the plugin is to follow the instructions at and setup the rabbitmq-public-umbrella checkout, clone the rabbitmq-pulse directory into it and custom compile the plugin.

Plugin Configuration

Default configuration values:

  • default_username: guest
  • default_interval: 5000

Interval is the number of miliseconds between publishing stats. To change the default configuration values, add a rabbitmq_pulse stanza in the rabbitmq.config file for the value you would like to override:

[{rabbitmq_pulse, [{default_username, <<"guest">>},
                   {default_interval, 5000},
                   {default_format, <<"json">>]}]

To override the default values, specify a username and/or interval as arguments when delcaring a x-pulse exchange.

Per-exchange optional configuration values

  • username: Username to connect to the vhost as
  • interval: Number of milliseconds between publishing of stats
  • format: The publishing format. Acceptable values are json or graphite.


Cluster Overview Message (JSON)

Exchange:          rabbitmq-pulse
Routing Key:       overview


    app_id:        rabbitmq-pulse
    content_type:  application/json
    delivery_mode: 1
    timestamp:     1351221662
    type:          rabbitmq cluster overview


        "message_stats": {
            "ack": 61828830,
            "ack_details": {
                "interval": 13691029994,
                "last_event": 1351225207219,
                "rate": 1657.4946825255636
            "confirm": 587185321,
            "confirm_details": {
                "interval": 14440907038,
                "last_event": 1351225202580,
                "rate": 940.2572840257346
            "deliver": 61829392,
            "deliver_details": {
                "interval": 13691029994,
                "last_event": 1351225207219,
                "rate": 1655.3086640878523
            "deliver_get": 61829392,
            "deliver_get_details": {
                "interval": 13691029994,
                "last_event": 1351225207219,
                "rate": 1655.3086640878523
            "publish": 1194850838,
            "publish_details": {
                "interval": 514892992009,
                "last_event": 1351225207219,
                "rate": 1748.604888221129
            "redeliver": 3566,
            "redeliver_details": {
                "interval": 13691029994,
                "last_event": 1351225207219,
                "rate": 0.5793280232749254
        "queue_totals": {
            "messages": 37014,
            "messages_details": {
                "interval": 118795693987,
                "last_event": 1351225206950,
                "rate": 138.75356292893883
            "messages_ready": 36410,
            "messages_ready_details": {
                "interval": 118795693987,
                "last_event": 1351225206950,
                "rate": 113.47632183168328
            "messages_unacknowledged": 604,
            "messages_unacknowledged_details": {
                "interval": 118795693987,
                "last_event": 1351225206950,
                "rate": 25.277241097255544

Cluster Overview Single Stat Message (Graphite)

Exchange:      graphite
Routing Key:   rabbitmq_pulse.overview.rabbit.localhost.message_stats.deliver_details.rate


    app_id:        rabbitmq-pulse
    content_type:  application/json
    delivery_mode: 1
    timestamp:     1351748994
    type:          rabbitmq-pulse cluster overview graphite datapoint


    rabbitmq_pulse.overview.rabbit.localhost.message_stats.deliver_details.rate 945.8392531255008 1351748994

Node Message (JSON)

Exchange:          rabbitmq-pulse
Routing Key:       node.rabbit.localhost


    app_id:        rabbitmq-pulse
    content_type:  application/json
    delivery_mode: 1
    timestamp:     1351221662
    type:          rabbitmq node stats


        "name": "rabbit@localhost",
        "os_pid": "7499",
        "type": "disc",
        "running": true,
        "disk_free": 169206083584,
        "disk_free_alarm": false,
        "disk_free_limit": 1000000000,
        "fd_total": 1024,
        "fd_used": 28,
        "mem_alarm": false,
        "mem_atom": 703377,
        "mem_atom_used": 677667,
        "mem_binary": 150264,
        "mem_code": 18406789,
        "mem_ets": 1499064,
        "mem_limit": 5647935078,
        "mem_proc": 12891074,
        "mem_proc_used": 13038914,
        "mem_used": 38600528,
        "proc_total": 1048576,
        "proc_used": 228,
        "run_queue": 0,
        "sockets_total": 829,
        "sockets_used": 1,
        "uptime": 6092
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